1. The pronoun in the first one should be first person, not third. The second comic probably needs a geezer tag.

  2. The Exorcist was released twenty years before I was. I’ve never seen it, but I know it did for pea soup what E.T. did for Reese’s Pieces.

  3. “The Exorcist was released twenty years before I was.”

    The Exorcist was a movie in 1973, but it was a TV series in 2016.

  4. Not sure I understand the “first person” comments. I’m wondering how many people never had to take a dog out in bad weather. My doxie used to hide under the bed and needed to be dragged outside to do his business.

  5. @ Dysfunctional – The background shows no snow nor ice, and he’s got the window wide open, but is wearing just a shirt, so it really looks like his weather report is a cover for his own laziness.

  6. We always had a doggie potty pen in WI – pea gravel for about a foot deep. Just opened the patio door and they knew to go there. If I told them, ‘NO RUNNING’ ’cause it was raining, they knew to come right back inside.

    We have the same here in FL, but off the lanai, with a doggie door. We leave a slider open just enough for them to get thru, whenever necessary

    Seven dogs are NOT walkable; you end up like a MayPole with leashes wound around you every which way. Before the pen was built, I walked two at a time, and sometimes three. I wondered when they learned to braid leashes. We have coyotes and alligators here, so walking at night was rather risky. Their (and my) biggest excitement was seeing a herd of 20 deer in the yard next door.

    Fibro doesn’t make walking any easier, either. No, if I had to walk dogs, I’d not have them. And in an apartment like that? Never, unless it/they were trained on pee pads.

  7. That’s the thing about paper goods, they keep essentially forever. So yeah, I buy big packages of Viva paper towels and Charmin Ultra-soft when it’s a good value. The packages can just reside in the garage until I need them.

  8. “The Exorcist was a movie in 1973, but it was a TV series in 2016”

    I suspect the 45-year-old film is still a lot more well-known than the 2-year-old tv show.

    And did the tv show make graphic use of pea soup?

  9. IIRC the TV show (a direct sequel to the movie – Geena Davis’s character was Regan under an assumed name*) didn’t recreate that scene…Pazuzu’s presence was actually announced way more disgustingly.

    * I assume they didn’t cast Linda Blair so as to not spoil the surprise. Though it’s also possible that they offered and she turned it down for some reason.

  10. Andréa, Is Atlas somehow carrying the same Earth that he and the dog and the cop are standing on?

  11. I think he’s on the way to a Flat Earth convention with his ‘proof’ that the world is round.

    I don’t write ’em, I just pass ’em along.

  12. Robert loves large packages of paper goods – Costco size packages for 2 people. And after an argument about him wanting the half sheet paper towels and my wanting the full sheet ones, we now not only both, but have 2 rolls of paper towels hanging on our extremely limited kitchen wall space. We also own two brands of toilet paper. Scott for every day (and needed for RV purposes as it dissolves quicker) and Charmin for when he needs it. Scott hangs on the wall in both bathrooms with 2 spare rolls of same in each, a roll of Charmin sitting on the spare rolls in our tiny under sink cabinets. Oh, an according to him the hanging roll must unroll over the top.

    From what I have heard – okay, mostly in jokes – huge packages of paper goods are something that men like.

  13. When I cleaned out my parents’ house in AZ – in which my Dad had been living alone for several years – I found this . . .

    (besides two boxes of tissue in each room of the house)

    (each package holds 500 napkins – for a man who rarely ate during the last years of his life)

    I was able to fit all these paper goods into one hall closet, and I’m sure the real estate agent who sold the house (after I returned to WI) made this a real ‘selling point’ for the house. No way could I – or would I – bring this all back home.

    So, ‘huge packages of paper goods are something that THIS man liked’. Maybe having gone thru WWII in slave labor camps brought out this hoarding once my Mother was not longer there to monitor. I’ll never know, but always wonder.

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