1. Cats don’t like to be stopped in what they are doing so they retaliate by sh!tting in inappropriate places such as … the water heater????

    Wait…. that doesn’t make sense? The forced air heater? Well, something pretty important, expensive to repair and inappropriate.

  2. Arlo prevented Ludwig (the cat) from killing whatever it was that he was chasing (squirrel? chipmunk? deformed levitating mouse?), only to then find out that the chipsquirmouse had made the mess in the pipeline to the whateveritwas appliance, so Arlo now repents his “good deed”?

    Might be mildy amusing if drawn more clearly.

  3. Arlo gets mad at the cat for trying to catch and probably maul the poor chipmunk (assuming that’s what the critter is). It turns out the chipmunk had made a little home in the central air unit, requiring an expensive service call. Ludwig was doing Arlo a favor.

    As someone who has had to deal with chipmunks and the damage they can do after years of thinking “Aren’t they cute?”, I can certainly identify with Arlo here.

  4. Oh. It’s a heat pump’s outdoor unit. They’re normally heavy screened so rodents can’t get into them.

  5. It took me a second read (when I saw it originally) to translate the events. And I figured it would end up here…

  6. I agree that it might be a chipmunk though. We don’t have them around here, just loads of gray squirrels. So that’s where my thoughts went.

  7. It’s been explained, but the really obvious clue is easy to miss. In panel 2 Arlo is wearing shorts and a T-shirt, which implies that it’s summer. The action in the first 3 panels is all at the same time. But in the last panel, Arlo’s wearing a sweatshirt, so it is presumably now, i.e. autumn and things are getting colder. It’s a long pay-off and frankly not all that likely he would make the connection. Reasonable for a gag, though.

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