1. Do I get another gullibility prize for trying to google “Swear To God, It’s a Flower“?
    P.S. I didn’t find anything, but as soon as I added “O’Keefe” I found an incredibly blatant (blue) painting that could easily have been called that.

  2. No, I hadn’t read that story, Bill – good one. I think the ‘. . . but still . . ‘ refers to a bit of, um, weirdness in this paean to her.

    Hubby was born in Sun Prairie, WI, as was Ms. O’Keeffe.

    For years, we had a steer skull with flower hanging on my dining room wall. Part of ‘Southwest décor’ we had for a while.

  3. ‘Do I get another gullibility prize for trying to google “Swear To God, It’s a Flower“?’

    It’s a [virtual] traveling trophy . . .

  4. @ Kilby, I went through the same process. A google image search for just the title brought up a lot of other crapola, and adding O’Keefe brought us a bunch of images labelled ‘flower or vagina’. Apparently written by people who don’t know the difference between ‘vagina’ and ‘vulva’.

  5. “but Georgia O’Keefe and Lio just seems like an incongruous pairing.” perhaps but the cow skull critter is in keeping with Lio’s spirit. Seems surprising he’d manage to time it to a birthday.

  6. @Andrea, I thought maybe Google didn’t give O’Keefe a doodle because they’d done it a lot in the past, but a search through the doodles produced not a singe one.

    There was one for Bob Ross, but not Georgia O’Keefe.

  7. Apparently, it was her husband who said that the paintings are of girly bits. O’Keeffe swore to her dying day that they were just flowers. Of course, flowers *are* reproductive organs . . . .

  8. I did see that someone asked, in 2011, for her to have a google doodle. Controversial? I think not any more. Hockney, at one point; Mapplethorpe, maybe still . . .

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