1. Um… what?

    So the joke is that old guys are so nearsighted they think a pile of dead leaves is a christmas tree? Or are so senile that they think Nov. 5 is early for christimas? Other than that, I got nothing.

    Are you sure this is was tagged right?

  2. I kept one like that all winter one year. You just have to rake the leaves when they get wet and then get surprised by a sudden cold snap. Which, that year in Wisconsin, lasted until April.

  3. Last Wednesday, I ran to Walmart for an extra “jack-o-lantern face” candy bucket. I asked where they were and was told “Down there. Next to the Santas.”

  4. (Sorry if repeat) Last year we found out why we seem to have so many more leaves than our two neighbors when we only have one tree and they each have at least three. Last year we caught one of the gardener’s employees of one of them blowing the leaves onto our property. (I am sure they will do it again this year.) Then while clearing up the leaves on our driveway (other side of house) Robert found he stepped in something other than leaves – the gardener’s employees for this other neighbor (not the same gardener company) also was blowing the leaves onto our property – along with gifts from their dog!

    Today we were outside in the wind and as the leaves fell off the second neighbors tree and fell in our yard Robert looked at me and said “see, that is why I am upset at having to clear up our leaves.”

    This year leaves on our property will stay and mulch and there is no way he can do any work with them as he is still in pain a month after his shoulder and arm started hurting and he won’t let me clear them myself – and I don’t really care about them – I will push them away from the Christmas lights that are low – if we are able to put any out this year.

  5. Lio used to be a wordless comic, like Henry or The Little King. Lately Tatulli has been sneaking words in, and today’s comic has two characters speaking with word balloons. Will Lio himself eventually talk?

  6. Meryl A: Don’t let the leaves get too thick, or they will cover your grass and provide places for mice, etc., to stay and you’ll have a mess and bare patches next spring.

  7. Woozy: when you want to gripe about Christmas starting earlier and earlier, anything looks like a Christmas tree.

  8. Andrea, thank you. Covering the grass is not a problem as over 75% of the front of the house is our driveway. We are more concerned about the leaves that fall behind and between sheds and the house and the garage. Somehow I will be dealing with them this year alone, although we just found a company that for an annual membership fee and $16 an hour will have someone come and do stuff such as mowing the lawn, clearing the leaves – and for a flat additional annual fee – clear our snow. Robert was figuring out what it might cost. I pointed out that even if it hit $1000 for the year it would be worth it as he can do less and less. We have to sign up. He is weak – apparently because he does a good job at keep his blood sugar down to normal – as well as he can not bend over without getting ill. So I have been doing more and more – which is good as I now know how to run a snow blower and mower, but there is only so much I can do in addition to working and doing the housework. I need some time to come and “visit” all of you. This week has been so crazy that it is Thursday night and coming to CIDU is on my schedule for Monday night! I have been coming on in dribs and drabs this week – thanks to the snow today I was able to make a bunch of important phone calls that have been sitting.

  9. The best thing we did years ago, when we both retired, was hire someone to plow out the sidewalks and driveway, especially with hubby being away for weeks at a time, scuba diving. It is well worth the $$$; I even had them shovel off the roof one year when it was extremely snowy (so bad that even the crew couldn’t get out of their driveways and roads). Since I/we didn’t have to go to work, the crew was able to put ours off ’til later in the day.

    We then had them cut the front yard and do spring and fall cleanup, too. There are just some things one has to give up and you have to decide on what you will use your energy. And save your health.

    (We still had to shovel out the dogs area, however; a move to Florida was next.)

  10. Andrea – a couple of decades ago when we were snowed out of our house while on a trip, we made an arrangement with our then gardener to clear the snow – it is shoveled, not plowed. When Robert quit his job we switched gardeners to his former secretary’s BIL – at a lower rate as we were surviving by our wits – which if we had any of, he would not have quit his job and he also cleared our snow. A few years later he sold our account to someone else who was also suppose to clear our snow and did – until the huge snow storms started a few years ago when we could not find him – apparently he went back to South America for the winter. It was a major problem and we worked off trying to find someone on Craig’s list to get the snow cleared – one fellow borrowed our snow shovel and walked off with it. The next winter the gardener promised someone would clear our snow – no, no one from him did – and he never showed up to mow again either. We found a company that charged us starting at $75 for 3″ of snow and we had to pay another $25 when the plows came by and he had to come back. He cleared our snow for two years – then he switched to “no residential snow removal” . We called the original gardener figuring we would pay for the all the extra work he required us to pay for – “no residential snow removal”. Last year we bought a new, smaller, lighter snow blower to do it ourselves. Husband managed to run it over the Christmas lights on a bush – ruined the lights and almost ruined the blower. That was a humongous storm. The snow was up to my hips (okay, I am short). He was running the blower and I was attempting to shovel out one of our two driveway cuts as it was too much for the blower. For the first (and still only time) a neighbor who was working on the sidewalk next door came with his big blower and cleared the cut I was working on and then the other one. (I sent an email that night thanking the neighbor next door and said I was glad his back was better. He wife contacted me back – it was the neighbor on the other side – even nicer, a neighbor I had never met before.)

    So our problem with the snow over the past several years has been that we cannot find anyone to pay to come and clear it – standard when we call, even if their ads list residential, is that they say “no residential snow removal”.

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