1. It’s a cat. Cats like to be petted but if you touch their bellies they swipe at you.

    I must see that a pretty stiff looking drawing of the limb. It *does* look as the a giant rectangle fell down from space.

  2. It’s been a while since I comic was posted that I thought – “Naturally Bill doesn’t understand it; it’s a cat comic!”

  3. Yes, but subject to individual variation. One of my cats loves belly rubs, and signals this by rolling on his back and waving his legs around. And this is a guy who does communicate some of his preferences with the occasional nip or slap.

  4. Cat experts (now there’s a job my high-school guidance counselor never told me about!) say that usually, when cats expose their bellies, they are expressing contentment and trust. People always read this as an invitation to touch their soft, fluffy bellies, and suffer the wrath of the suddenly-indignant feline. Some cats will allow tummy rubs, but most won’t. And considering that they can bring all four claw-bearing paws to bear, plus their sharp teeth, it’s a bit of a dangerous gamble. Far better to stroke their back when they bare their tummies, and save yourself the inevitable bloodletting. (From my cat’s vet – “There’s nothing wrong with him: you, though, are going to need antibiotics.”)

  5. Dogs expose bellies to indicate submission and/or asking for belly rubs. In either case, an attack is not usually imminent.

    My cat bite (trying to help a cat – not mine! – that didn’t want to be helped) resulted in a grossly-swollen hand, wrist bone damage, antibiotics and a several-hour stay in ER. Also, the involvement of the Pinellas County Health Department AND the Pinellas County Animal Control. AND the recommendation (which I didn’t act upon) for a rabies series, as we never found the d*mned cat.

    In my previous life, I never would’ve tried to help a cat, but where we live in FL, there are alligators, coyotes, hawks, vultures and other animals that might’ve thought this cat to be a tasty morsel; also, it was wearing a collar and an ID ball, so I knew it wasn’t feral. And it was friendly, at first; then it attacked, not once, but several times.

    Never again . . . one stupid little act of kindness, which I’ll pay for it for life, when my wrist starts aching.

    But at least I finally have a CAT story, instead of all DOG stories!

  6. As Calvin said of Hobbes, I keep forgetting that when he lies like that, five of his six ends are pointy.

  7. I have one dog who will lie belly-up under any ceiling fan set on HIGH . . . you can rub or not, she doesn’t care . . . she’s just enjoying the air . . .

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