1. The Buni bugs me…the whole POINT of mummification was to prevent the total decay of the soft tissues, so an unwrapped mummy would NOT be just a skeleton.

  2. P.S. It took me a very long time to get the “irony” in the “Tundra”.
    P.S. I know we already discussed coffee cup inscriptions once before. Does anyone know whether this panel is a repeat, or whether the same joke was used by two different cartoonist?

  3. A proper mummy wouldn’t be particularly gross (especially since the face isn’t shown, since the drawn back lips are the freakiest part), and would certainly be easier to draw than a skeleton, since you don’t need to draw out every bone. Just a gaunt and grey person.

  4. @Kamino Neko, I was just about to post that mummies are not skeletons. You seem to get up earlier than I do (or are in Europe or something).

  5. Anyone have an explanation for the CVS mummy? Are their registers known for spitting out more paper than those of other drug stores?

  6. Sir Thomas Beecham said “The sound of a harpsichord – two skeletons copulating on a tin roof in a thunderstorm.”

    I don’t see how skeletons can copulate, though. Some necessary parts are missing.

  7. I know I posted this SOMEwhere before, but I don’t know if all CIDUers follow all the threads, so, here goes:

    Skeletons can certainly dance . . .

  8. Stop and Shop supermarkets have the LONGEST receipts. If you buy one item the receipt will be (measured) over a foot long. They have an assortment of clubs and have to tell you about them or tell you where you stand in each. Worst of all, while some companies will give you coupons or similar to S&S’s info, they will end the actual receipt after the purchase and then print the rest so one can tear off the extra and toss it. S&S does not end the receipt until after the assorted junk they have listed – so I have to keep the entire receipt to have the receipt.

  9. We go to Wendys for lunch most days. ($3.23 lunch for two). Husband usually goes up and gets the order while I get the napkins etc. and get a table (hopefully “our table”). They ask for one’s name and he gives his – Robert. One of the managers is either from the Caribean or Africa (by accent) and calls him Mr. Robert. Due to an going pain in Robert’s shoulder we have been doing this backwards. I went up to order lunch and he was at the register. Order showed up on the board as Mrs. Robert.

  10. @Meryl A, I shop at both CVS and Stop’n’Shop. The CVS receipts are several times longer. No kidding, I have had a couple reach two meters.

  11. carlfink – okay. I avoid CVS if I can as I find them terribly overpriced compared to the competition. \

    (MIL had to have 2 tiny bottles a week injected into her by a visiting nurse – it was $250 a bottle, unless somehow SIL brought the prescription to CVS – then it was $300 a bottle – a difference of $100 a week.)

  12. Thanks, carlfink – I saw that “Moderately Confused” earlier today, but wasn’t able to figure out where this thread was located; searching for “CVS” with the “site:” parameter didn’t show anything for me.

  13. Mine have never gotten quite as long as those in Carlfink’s pictures, but always unwieldy. I sometimes can get a free hand beside the printer, and fold the strip in an accordion-fold as it comes out.

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