1. I’m guessing his mental process was “October, November, December, that’s three months.”

  2. Eh, while “two months, two weeks and four days” is more accurate, I wouldn’t look askance at someone who referred to Christmas being “three months” from now.

  3. The events depicted in a comic strip don’t necessarily happen on the day the strip is printed. Maybe this exchange took place on September 25, rather than on whatever day the strip ran (or is rerun in the future…)

  4. James, I think the default assumption is that strips take place on the day they’re first published, a date cartoonists can predict with exact precision: that’s why so many of them say Happy Thanksgiving or Merry Christmas on the correct dates.

  5. “a date cartoonists can predict with exact precision”

    Except that the syndicate doesn’t always send them out when expected. They get the Thanksgiving and New Year’s strips right, but other strips can be held for various obscure reasons.

    TV shows can have the same problem… the network doesn’t necessarily run the shows in the order the producers expect. Sometimes they hold a single episode because its subject matter resonates poorly with current events, and sometimes they decide to hold an entire season of programs to use in reserve.

    That’s what happened to Community… they wrote and produced episodes that would have coincided with broadcast in the fall, but the shows weren’t actually put on air until spring. So both the Halloween and Christmas episodes that year seemed oddly out-of-place in March and April.

  6. Okay, she is thinking October is 3 months early. Or she is 3 months early as normally she buys them after Christmas to save money?

    2 months plus 2 weeks early or 2 and half months early just doesn’t have the same ring.

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