1. Hey how come when the buyer is bidding it’s a penny, but when the thoughts have already been delivered they’ve put their two cents in.

  2. When there was talk of the UK changing its currency, someone speculated that it the euphemism would be to euronate.

  3. ““Spending a penny” (UK-speak for going to the loo) now costs as much as 30p.”

    Wimpy: “I will gladly pay you 30 pee Tuesday for a pee today.”

  4. Pedantry is pointing out that 30 “new pence” are the equivalent 72 of the old pence that the expression was originally based on. True pedantry is noting that it would actually be called 6 shillings.

  5. Okay, iconic 1940s movie with Humphrey Bogart – maybe “Casablanca” – they are in France “A franc for your thoughts” she says. “In America it would only cost you a penny” he replies.

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