1. Given the identity of the two characters on the right (both now deceased, in various ways), wouldn’t “Happy Birthday, Dad!” have been more appropriate? Not to mention the fact that “Darth” is a title, rather than his name.

  2. This made me LOL. I think it’s really the “voom, voom” sounds that did it for me.

    That’s a terrible drawing of Chewbacca, though.

  3. Powers is right. I was thinking of the initial council scene in the original movie, in which he is called “Lord Vader(*), but I believe Obi Wan calls him “Darth” in the fight scene at the end. It would appear that Lucas retconned “Darth” into a title when he invented “Maul”(**) and “Sidious” for Part 1 of the prequel trilogy.
    P.S. In the synchronized German version, the name is distinctly pronounced “Lord Wader” on more than one occasion. Every time I hear that, I wonder whether Anakin had discovered a passion for dry fly trout fishing.
    P.S. The name “Maul” was left unchanged in the German version, despite the fact that the word has a different meaning: instead of “savagely attack”, the German word “das Maul” means an animal’s mouth (such as of a dog or horse).

  4. “Given the identity of the two characters on the right (both now deceased, in various ways)”

    In the Expanded Universe (the movies, novels, and comics before JJ Abrams got into the business of screwing up Star Wars). Chewbacca and Vader are dead.

  5. Should have had the Grim Reaper slicing up the piñata. Then this could also be added to the “there really have been a lot of Death comics lately”-column.

  6. AND in a magician’s hat, slicing the piñata, in honor of all the ‘slicing the woman in two’ jokes lately. Which are, in retrospect and in today’s political climate, not at all funy.

  7. Kilby – aren’t officers (even non-coms) sometimes called by their titles as a name – as in “Hi Sarge” or “Captain, how was your weekend” by those below them?

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