1. There’s a little guy in the back seat of the “manual choke” strip, is he supposed to be the choker?

    Is it part of the joke that womansplaining doesn’t involve and explaining or anything verbal whatsoever?

  2. The manual choke probably deserves a geezer tag. I went down a bit of a rabbit hole trying to find out when they were last used. Apparently there were still cars coming out in the 90s with a manual choke, but really low end stuff like Fiats.I’ve certainly never driven a car with one and the oldest cars I’ve driven were from the 70s. I had a friend with a 64 Dart that had a push-button shifter, but I don’t think it had a manual choke.

  3. East German cars (such as the “Trabant” or “Wartburg“) had a choke, but they also had a two-stroke engine. Both companies ceased production in 1991, but according to Wikipedia, there were still nearly 40000 of them registered in Germany as late as 2015.

  4. @ carlfink – I think you mean Nick & Zuzu rather than the New Yorker’s column names, but even so, the fonts are not even close to identical: compare the kerning of the “TH” in “THE”.

  5. @carlfink & Kilby: I see the Nick & Zuzu tag on the cartoon, but I’ve never seen it referred to that way. It’s a Nick Galifianakis illustration for a Carolyn Hax advice column. She’s his ex-wife. Galifianakis often draws for the Washington Post. Apparently Zuzu was his much loved dog.

  6. Doesn’t look like Parisi uses a computer typeface; “Off the Mark” looks hand-lettered to me.

  7. Back in the days of carburetors, there was a DIY mod kit available at most parts stores to rip out the automatic choke coil and replace with a manual choke knob, but it usually was a bad idea to do so in hindsight.

  8. My ’72 van had a manual choke for a while before I replaced the cylinder head and carb in 1985 or so, but OEM it certainly didn’t.

  9. DemetriosX -my grandfather had a late 1950s car with push buttons in the dash for the shifting. It was I think a Chrysler, but I was younger then and may be wrong.

  10. When I was in high school in the early 70s, a guy I knew a bit because were in some organization together had a car like that.

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