1. He’s upset that his son is hot for a land-based toy, even when
    they’re out on the water. He wanted to leave a legacy of
    enjoyment of sailing.

  2. Probably when the adult was a kid he stood on the edge of a lake operating a radio-controlled boat and dreamed of bigger things. Kids just want o be contrary, like those in the Larson cartoon (I think) who ran away from the circus to become accountants.

  3. I think the humor is that he still needs to spin that big wheel to steer the ship, but the kid can steer the toy just by pointing.

  4. Remote controls for yachts and even large ships exist – very helpful in docking and navigating canal locks for example.

  5. I was wondering why my comment was sent to moderation, but just now I noticed a typo in my e-mail address:

    @ billybob – A few years ago Eurosport had a shot of the Tour de France, with the entire peloton zipping past a few fans, who had their backs to the street, and were watching the race on a little portable TV. None of them turned around to see the riders at all, they just stared at the TV set. It was so ridiculous that it might have been staged, but it looked authentic.

  6. The “all deck” design made me think at first that it was a ferry boat designed to carry cars across a waterway but the only car aboard was the RC toy with which the little boy was playing. But then I just figured it’s more likely just some lame joke about the name “legacy” and the kid playing with a truck on a boat.

  7. In fact, I think I’ll go with my first thought that the ferry pilot is sad to see that the only vehicle on board is the little boy’s toy truck.

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