1. Good ones — I liked “Shotgun” in particular!

    I looked up abbottcartoonsl.com and the weird drawing style is apparently just his style for this strip Spectickles. But being unfamiliar with it, I was subject to something that happens to me and others encountering a distinctive drawing tic in a CIDU submissionk, that of thinking the oddity must be part of the joke. But no, the guy doesn’t have white triangular horns coming out from his forehead or temples.

  2. The first one tangentially reminded me of a classic Muppet Show sketch riffing of the word DUCK:

  3. Argyle Sweater should be funny, but unfortunately recent events have moved it far from that realm. It hits a little too close to reality these days.

  4. Mitch4 – thank you, I was coming to post the question, “Why does the man with no pants have horns?”

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