1. Lumber? Kids do throw things a ceiling fans, just to watch them fly off, at least until a grownup catches them. But lumber?

  2. Well, one can make sturdy/heavy things with Lego blocks (think paving stone) and some of these wooden ceiling fans are pretty cheap. I think this is a rerun: it looks familiar.

  3. I think the idea for the lumber part is that ceiling fans are never used (either unnecessary or easily broken) and only useful as scrap wood. Which is not my experience, I use it all summer, but maybe for a heavy user of air conditioning.

    No idea on the Lego part

  4. The implication seems to be that flinging Lego pieces regularly damages ceiling fans to the point where the blades are only useful as lumber. Really?

  5. @ CaroZ – I don’t think the damage was supposed to be that extensive: more like “lightly pockmarked”.

    P.S. In any case, the whole setup (and execution) is so contrived that it just doesn’t work as a joke. Using “wood” or “boards” would have worked better (rather than “lumber”), but still would not have rescued this strip.

  6. In my much younger days (i.e., still single), my beer buddies played a game they dubbed “fan ball” – one ceiling fan, one hacky sack-type ball, copious amounts of malt beverages. Hilarity always ensued… eventually, anyway, as the empty bottles gained on and overtook the full bottles.

  7. “I don’t think the damage was supposed to be that extensive: more like ‘lightly pockmarked’.”

    If the fan isn’t damaged to the point of not working as a fan anymore, then it’s still a fan, and not a source of lumber, lightly pockmarked or otherwise.

  8. @DPWally, I think people with central air need ceiling fans, too, to keep the air moving and reduce the time the AC is on.

  9. I am 4′ 8″, my late husband was 6’3″. Ceiling fans were very helpful to keep the temperature in a room consistent throughout, up and down, otherwise one of us froze while the other roasted.

    Note that without electricity, it’s lumber.

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