1. It’s the lighthouse keeper’s garage, I guess. Don’t know why that’s funny though. Do garages typically resemble the house they are attached to / cater for? This one does! Har-har!

    I don’t know.

  2. Detached garages often compliment the house, but I don’t know if I’ve seen one that looks like a smaller version of the house. I have seen dog houses that are small versions of the main house.

  3. I think Kamino’s got it. It’s a lighthouse, so clearly it should have a lightgarage. And I agree, in this light (no pun intended), it’s not too bad of a joke.

  4. The lighthouse if for guiding ships. The lightgarage is for guiding cars. Meh. Not so funny.

  5. Lighthouses do tend to be put in places where visibility gets bad, or where the route is hazardous. It stands to reason that getting TO the lighthouse might also involve bad visibility and hazardous roads.

  6. “Not a great joke,” agreed.

    “but, not terrible, either.” disagree.

    “Not a great joke, but, not terrible, either.” Yes, it is.

  7. People tend to think of lighthouses as warning signs (“keep away from this humongous rock!“), but many of them are simply navigation aids to be used for triangulation. On the German coast (North Sea and Baltic), many lighthouses have individual flashing patterns and/or angular coloration, making it easier for navigators to identify not just which lighthouse they see, but also in which section of the circle they are currently located.

  8. Lights atop towers are for guiding boats into safe harbor. Lights atop garages are for guiding cars into safe parking. Seems logical to me.

  9. I agree with Tom. Big lighthouse guides ships. Small lighthouse guides cars. It’s a pretty good joke.

  10. The car arrives safely to the garage, do you suppose it encountered a few “speed bumps?”

  11. The joke is cute. The comments are funnier because of everyone making sense of a lightgarage, forgetting that a lot of lighthouses tend to be on tiny islands, accessible only by boat, and rarely with a need (or room) for a car.

  12. In Oregon, there aren’t a lot of rocks offshore, so most lighthouses are onshore.

    Tillamook Rock Lighthouse is the exception, but also probably the most famous of the Oregon lighthouses. In contrast, the one most frequently photographed is at Yaquina Head. It’s the most-photographed because it’s the most readily accessible. It’s located just outside Newport, OR, which is the home to the NOAA, a branch of Oregon State University, a Coast Guard station, and a substantial fishing fleet.

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