Flashbacks is ending

Not sure how many readers are familiar with Patrick Reynolds’ Flashbacks strip. It appears on the comics pages but isn’t funny (deliberately, unlike The Family Circus): it’s a Sunday strip about historical events that’s been running, mostly in The Washington Post, for 31 years. He hasn’t put it on the web, further reducing its exposure.

It has provided a fascinating look into sometimes-small, sometimes-large bits of history, and is ending this Sunday, September 25, 2022. It will be missed by those of us who saw it every week, but at 79, I’m sure everyone would agree that Mr. Reynolds deserves the time off!

For his last five strips, he’s been running stories in which he had some personal involvement. We’re running the first four below, and will add the fifth once it comes out; it seemed better to run this now, so anyone who was vaguely aware of the strip would have a chance to see it “in the flesh” one last time.

You can find more about the end of Flashbacks here, and this is Mr. Reynolds’ home page, including links to his books.

The final strips are below. Alas, I missed scanning the first two. I got the first one from the article linked above; the second I got directly from Mr. Reynolds, hence the super-high quality!