A Watson Sampler

I saw one somewhere, and didn’t quite understand it, so have explored a little at his home site, WatsonStrip.com . The New Readers page sets out some history and admirable goals for the strip; but the new reader, not knowing the backstory, may be at a loss sometimes. The Facebook page of course would be the place for recent chronological archiving, plus reader commentary.

The current A recent strip, with a topical reference to “Wordle” — but what is Silly Putty doing here? Geezers may recall transferring printed material (comics) from newspapers via Silly Putty.

Aha! The word being tried out in Wordle is “Wayno” — so that’s where I ran across this, on Wayno’s blog!

Next, here when Watson says “We’ve got penguins.” is that like “We’ve got termites”?

This one I don’t get at all, but it feels like it might be clear enough for somebody who knew these characters and enough backstory to understand what the blue-wrapped entrepreneur is charging for … ah, could it be a dog-walker?

I think the one below is the first one I ran across [no, it was the Wordle one, via Wayno], with an explanation of the Snow Monkey in the footer text, but an intriguing speculation over whether pickles and ketchup is a normal meal in this world.

This one seems to be about letting oneself just enjoy a lame joke!