1. Even though it was published more than two weeks before this one, I think we need a synchronicity reference to the Brevity panel that appeared in last week’s Sunday Funnies:

    P.S. I think the caption would have been better as “Om, Om on the Range“.

  2. Sorry it was opaque. But not so much “typo” as “lazily falling into (very widespread) contemporary online shorthand.” Lol!

  3. @ Maggie – It’s hard to tell whether you were referring to my caption or TedD’s solution. For the latter, the gag might have been easier to understand if the caption had referred directly to “holistic”, but that would probably have obscured the connection to “whole” (milk). A mixture of the two words (such as “wholistic”) would have failed in both directions. Therefore, the (slightly cryptic, but simpler) original caption was probably the best solution.

  4. P.S. Drat it all, my turn for a stupid typo: the “solution” was Ian’s, of course, not TedD’s.

  5. Powers, it must be some kind of conflation by outsiders / skeptics who like to see one big package they can dismiss at one go.

  6. I dunno. I’m a skeptic, too, but a) meditation is a valid self-care technique and b) holistic medicine is not necessarily (even if often) woo-woo alternative stuff.

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