1. The climb/search for wisdom is difficult and it seems few are willing to put in the effort.
    On the other hand, it seems many (the majority?) are willing to do whatever it takes to hear what they want to hear. The herd/heard pun is underscoring that desire by the many.

  2. It’d make more sense to me if Selective Hearing was further down and easier to get to, but the strip’s point is that SH is more popular. The pun is a little strained and unnecessary (again, to me).

  3. To me, it seems clear: The herd (i.e., the masses) prefers pap, and that is what they have heard every day.

  4. Herd Mentality: following along with the group instead of doing the work to think things out for yourself. In effect, dismissing critical thinking (wisdom).

    Heard Mentality: Selectively hearing the things you want to hear, which again is rejecting wisdom and simply living by confirmation bias. People flock to this in droves, happily, willfully, thinking this is the better path, while few seek actual wisdom.

    The fact they are equally attainable, some even risking tight rope walking to get there and AWAY from wisdom, speaks to the curiousness of why people seek such a thing.

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