1. In Beauty and the Beast (or at least the Disney versions thereof), the servants of the titular Beast are turned into household goods, furnishings, and suchlike, notably including Mrs Potts, the cook, who is turned into a teapot, and the I think nameless maître d is turned into a candlestick named Luminaire.

    A Neti pot is used for nasal irrigation, by sticking it up your nose and pouring water or something through it for questionable health benefits. I think that’s enough to join the dots.

  2. Thanks, U.V.! Those identities were a mystery to me. I was only just on board with understanding “Beast” as sort of a proper name.

  3. Thanks to UV for explaining a Neti pot. I’d been assuming it was another name for a gazunda (which is a pot that gazunda the bed for use during the night).

  4. Ha! Ian, I’ve never heard that term used for inanimate objects before. I’ve always seen/heard it in reference to cats. There are two types: gozintas and gozundas.

  5. Speaking of which – today, 28 April 2023, would have been Sir Terry’s 75th birthday. Eight months older than I am, and look what he’d accomplished, while I . . . well, I guess saving quite a few dogs might count as an accomplishment, albeit not as long-lasting a one as his. GNU Terry Pratchett.

  6. So if all the servants turned into household furnishings, what did Beauty and ex-Beast use for clocks and candles and crockery after everyone changed back? For that matter, what did the Prince use before the curse that turned him into the Beast?

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