Wearing (out) of the green

A general note of remembrance for the holiday of green beer and green Chicago River.

The first two are holdovers from last week, when we had other things a-posting and didn’t remark Saint Padraic’s Day on CIDU main feed. A few helpful readers posted St Patrick’s Day jokes to the thread for that day, thank you for renewing the principle of thread drift!

This one was sent in by BillR, looking for what the gag is. It provoked a good discussion behind the scenes of CIDU, where we soon enough agreed on the intended gag but remained divided on whether some terminology was being misapplied!

(For the tag-watchers [or actually, category], yes this post is marked both CIDU and not-a-CIDU. Those just apply to different cartoons, that’s all.)


  1. I read the last comic here when published, but I just figured it out.

    Opossum. Most people just say “possum”, but our marsupial pronounces it as “O’Possum” on the one day everyone wants to be Irish.

  2. My grandma is German-Irish, but only the Irish side gets any play. Grandpa was Mexican-Spainard surname Ortiz. For reasons I still don’t quite know 100%, on St Patrick’s Day, Grandma’s name becomes O’Ritz

  3. My family is basically Jewish from assorted Eastern European countries and Russia on both sides. But someone(s) in my dad’s family stopped in Ireland on the way here as it was easier to get here if one was Irish than E.E. European – or so dad always said. As a result his side of the family/we always wore green on St Patricks day and had corned beef (even if it was Jewish corned beef).

    Early in our marriage Robert had to go take a course upstate in Albany for his job. Robert does NOT like to be alone, so he convinced me to ride up there with him and take the train back to Manhattan the next day to the client I had an appointment with and then take the LIRR home to the car I left at the train station before we left. That was fine, but he was still not sure of staying alone, so I came back the second night. Next day was St Patrick’s Day. Oyyyyyyy!! People were drunk all over on the train going TO Manhattan – and that was in the morning and people were drinking on the train. It was the last time I ever went to Manhattan on same.

    (I am hoping that this posts. Last night I posted something mentioning I am Jewish and he is Italian on go comics talking about making corned beef for dinner and it would not post as it has “offensive and unallowed words in it. I could not figure out what the problem was – apparently it was either Jewish or Italian or both as only when deleted same did it post after several tries before doing so.)

  4. @ Meryl – I have never (not even once) seen wordpress give even the slightest clue about why a comment has been placed in moderation (for the rare cases of Spam and the even rarer Trash there isn’t any feedback at all, the comment merely disappears). All you ever get from CIDU is “This comment has been placed in moderation”. I don’t know where you were discussing your Jewish/Italian/Irish heritage, but CIDU doesn’t have “offensive and unallowed” anywhere in its vocabulary. I suspect that must have been somewhere else.

  5. There was a comedian who claimed two different ethnicities. I won’t say which they were, to avoid offending WordPress, but he said he was a very meticulous drunk. I guess he liked Hofbräu with his corned beef and cabbage.

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