1. It’s a Jacuzzi tub, but the pump that sprays the water jets is broken. He had them turned on too high in order to water ski.

  2. He’s waterskiing in the bathtub, the tech guy wants to know how high he was running the water jets. I would have made it a plumber standing over him asking him that. The ipad makes no sense and neither does a tech guy asking it. IMHO.

  3. Ah, so you guys have clarified that the sense in which the jets were “high” must be the flow or pressure setting — not, as I was half considering, the angle of aim. (And not, even worse, something to do with Jet Ski.)

  4. I think that’s supposed to be a phablet, not an iPad. And I could believe a support call to a whirlpool company, especially if it was new. But yeah, not particularly well executed!

  5. @ Phil – In my innocence, I actually thought you made up the word “phablet” on the fly. Alas, no. But I did want to point out that Apple does sell SIM-chip capable iPads (at least in Europe), with which it would be easy to make a call. Even without the chip, it is possible to pair an iPad with an iPhone and complete a call (not that I would ever want to do either of these things. My phone is my phone, and my tablet is my tablet – until it turns into a cutting board).

  6. There is an option for iPads called e-SIM which emulates a SIM card, not to the point of enabling actual voice phone calls, but it does enable getting on a cellular network and obtaining Internet service that way — so as not to be dependent on finding a willing Wi-Fi connection if you are going to different locations. (You do have to also buy service from a cell carrier.)

    (Kilby, the cutting board video was “Not available in your location” for me.)

  7. It’s cute how you are assuming she’s TALKING to an actual customer service rep, as opposed to dealing with a chatbot (or a human via a chat interface). Of course, that’s usually done via a web interface.

  8. I thought it was one of those smart houses that are supposed to be the wave of the future.

  9. When San Jose faces Winnipeg in in the NHL I like to refer to it as a “West Side Story” game.

  10. Speaking of West Side Story, for some reason I noticed for the first time today that the first three notes of the opening theme of The Simpsons, when the choir sings “The Simp – sons”, are the same as when Tony sings “Maria”.

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