1. I think the third panel shows that after watching Ludwig do something indescribably revolting (presumably involving fur and at either two orifices or one beast of prey), they both just realized that they had recently touched that same cat with their (now suddenly revealed as poisonously contaminated) hands.

    P.S. @ Mitch – The German spelling for “meow!” is “miau!“, so defining “ciau” as “(Cat)-Comic I Almost Undestand” is absolutely perfect!

  2. Janis is looking at the cat hair that was in her eye (see panel 2), while Arlo is looking at the cat hair that was on his tongue (also see panel 2).

  3. They’re looking at the cat hairs they found, her in her eye, him on his tongue.

    That was my take as well.

  4. I guess I have to bow to the wisdom of the crowd: the “stray hair” solution is a lot simpler than my tortured scenario.

  5. What they “try not to think about” while lookng at their fingers is not just that they had hairs in their eyes and on their tongues but that 1) it as like as not got dislodged by the cat licking its fur and 2) the cat was probably licking its foul nether regions before licking its fur. (And even without the nether regions getting involved, the hairs will have cat spittle all over them.)

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