1. I can see that you might text a message, and say ‘please circulate this’. Bit of a stretch, but just plausible.

    And the joke is, autocorrect changed it to ‘circus’.

  2. I don’t know why she wanted to text ‘circulate’ and I don’t know what she actually texted, either. Something about a circus, presumably?

  3. I would be (barely) willing to accept that a haywired autocorrect might mangle a misspelled version of “circulate” into “circus act“. Perhaps she might have advised a guest at a cocktail party to “just circulate“, but the scene as shown outside the door just doesn’t match the single word given, and the premise is so far-fetched that it is asking the reader to do a lot of the work that really should be the cartoonist’s.

  4. Testing auto-complete on my cell phone with “circu” gave me circular, circuit and circumstances, not circus.

  5. The following is not criticism, just curiosity: Comparing the image shown above with my original e-mail submission reveals that the graphic seems to be a little “stretched” (with some anti-aliasing “fuzziness”). I’m just wondering whether that happened when the snapshot was taken from the e-mail, or is WordPress stretching the image to fill the available frame in the template?

    P.S. Here’s the original:

  6. Well, there is a resizing option built into the Image Block editing tool in the Post editing interface. It’s optional, not automatic. For myself, I by habit usually do stretch images to use most of the full width made available in the browser-oriented page layout made available by the joint effect of WP’s rendering engine and our particular Theme, as it’s called. I do keep an eye out for distortions, but try to use the available space if I don’t notice distortions. Sometimes, as with Andertoons on occasion, it seems best to scale it back. More often it seems it will make the image easier for all to read if we go for expansion.

    Here it seems Zbicyclist used an image file that was already at full width. (Your emailed image, as well as the Assets.AMUniversal linked image in your comment, are GIFs at 83 kb with dimensions 450 × 598. The one in the main post is a PNG at 575 kb and dimensions 894 × 1198.)

  7. I’m guessing “circulate” got corrected to “circus date” and the clown has arrived to pick her up. But I have no clue as to why she’d text circulate.

  8. It would kinda make sense if he was attempting to “circusate” laptops, staplers, memo pads or other office Et cetera. BTW, autocorrect did not like circusate or cetera – and then, jumping to meta, not even its own name.

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