1. No, the angel isn’t standing down. That’s the point, that the guardee needs to convince him to do so. He’s aggressively protecting the mortal to the point that the man is isolated and weirded out.

    Also, why is the angel wearing a ring of acorns on his belt, and a propeller beanie? And why did Baldwin draw the top of the rifle stock as if it was part of the angel’s trousers–I find that really distracting. (The top line of the stock looks like a continuation of the line showing the separation of the two legs.)

  2. Carl has it @1, but just to be blindingly obvious, “stand down” does not mean “put feet on floor“: in this context it means “go off duty“. In addition, I think the “acorns” might be keys or “prayer beads”, and the “propeller” over the beanie was probably meant to be a halo.

  3. Acorns=bullets. Beanie=cop hat, as in . . .

    Let’s face it, this ‘artist’ can’t draw worth a darn. BUT he gets his point across if you don’t delve too deeply into his drawing, or overthink the comic itself.

  4. The hat is the all-parts-included attempt (for Cornered’s abstract-to-say-the-least style) at a depiction of the iconic Security guard or security police hat where the gold badge(?) is set over the brim(word?) and under the spreading top. Like the one depicted here, I’ve seen hats that have longer “beaks” as my dad used to call them. I guess they’ve decided that protecting eyes is more important than not knocking into someone’s head with their hat.

  5. Whitey says “More like Section 8”. It took me a minute to figure out he meant the older sense, of military discharge for being mentally unstable or unfit.

    I remember when that was the meaning I knew, from novels and TV shows; and I was puzzled about the expression coming up in news stories, which turned out to be about programs of subsidized housing.

    (The first few completions for “section 8” in Google search bar, below. I’m guessing the high place of “military housing” is some accidental crossover 🙂 ) —

  6. Mitch: Exactamondo re:Klinger. Thus, when we see chapter, section or verse, we must ask, “of what?” So, what was the “Chapter eight” referring to? IDK

  7. @Andréa Yeah, once again, I had gotten side-tracked for more than 40 minutes while writing my comment ..and once again, forgot I had to refresh the page before submitting. I was really hoping someone else would show the hat; I wonder how many wishes I’ve made have come true and I never bothered to check. : – / : – )

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