(Recovered suggestion box item) Sweet Splice Repairs

In January of 2018 CIDU Bill implemented a Contact form page*, and during February 2018 a few readers used that form to send in their suggestions for cartoons to run and analyze on CIDU. We recently stumbled on that cache, and will be running three.

Thanks to Joshua K for suggesting this Funky Winkerbean. He had this to say: “In the February 4 Funky Winkerbean, is there a joke to be found? Maybe something in the background art that I’m missing? ” And “Is there something that Bull is doing with the VCR in the second-to-last panel which is supposed to demonstrate that something has gone wrong?”


*Original Contact form now at https://cidu.info/contact/ . Updated Suggest A CIDU form page now at https://cidu.info/suggest-a-cidu/


  1. The only thing that comes to mind is that maybe a teacher shouldn’t have been showing videos all the time.

  2. Asking, “Is there a joke to be found?” is often a fool’s errand in Funky Winkerbean, but I think Powers has it. Bull was never portrayed as being terribly bright, so the gag is probably that he showed a lot of videos when called on to teach classes due to this lack of bookish intelligence.

    Additional context to this strip, Bull was dealing with the effects of dementia brought on by CTE at this time.

  3. Wow. I’m Joshua K. and I guess I submitted these questions back in 2018, but I had completely forgotten about them. (Unless there’s some other Joshua K. who comments here.)

  4. Hi, JoshuaK.

    I looked at some of my old Usenet posts from 2003 last week. I have no memory of them, at all, before that time. They’re clearly mine and in my voice, but they left no trace in my brain.

  5. @JoshuaK: I looked at some Usenet postings of mine from 2003 last week. They’re definitely by me, in my style. I have absolutely no memory of them before last week.

  6. I think there is a joke in the penultimate panel. “And I showed videos in class every day.” Rather than do any teaching, he simply showed videos. That is why the woman (sorry, I don’t keep up with FWB to know the names) is snickering.

  7. Or just – Bull was a user of videos, which doesn’t mean he knows much about their innards. But the guy does say “sweet” splice repairs, which argues Bull does… I dunno.

  8. OT, but in memory of CIDU Bill, here’s “Too Darn Hot” — the link, anyway. I don’t know how to embed.

  9. _ I’m Joshua K. and I guess I submitted these questions_

    Hi Joshua! Oh wait, it’s not CIDU Anonymous?

  10. I looked at some of my old Usenet posts from 2003 last week. I have no memory of them, at all, before that time. They’re clearly mine and in my voice, but they left no trace in my brain.

    Oh, I’ve had that happen. There was one from some guy describing the vehicles he’d had in his life. I thought, “Huh, just like me. Oh wait, that is me!” No memory of posting it. But, to be fair, back in the day I posted a LOT of stuff to usenet.

    Don’t tell anyone, but sometimes that was when I was supposed to be working. Newsreaders look a lot like email to the casual passerby/spy.

  11. Oh, it embedded. Wow.

    For many things, all you need to do is put the URL on its own line and the WordPress software will handle it. Sometimes it does things you weren’t expecting, like grab and display all the text from a Twitter or Facebook posting or something when you just meant to give a link.

  12. Oh wait, it’s not CIDU Anonymous?

    We did have a brief behind-the-scenes discussion of whether it would be wise to write to these unearthed suggesters and ask about using their submissions; and decided it was not needed. In the case of Joshua K, he was the only one of the three to appear in comments within this calendar year, and he was identified in the comments variously as Joshua K, or with the surname in full, or by an alias matching his email. We said Joshua K following the general practice of putting those “Thanks for these to so-and-so” notes in terms of the name or alias we generally see for them in comments. Or something else if they specify.

    Oddly enough there was a comment today posted with the name “Anonymous”. It had the Gravatar of a well-recognized frequent commenter, and there was nothing shocking about the post; so I figure the commenter just forgot and left blank the Name field in the comment form; which I thought the system would just reject, but maybe a recent settings change allowed it to accept the comment and convert the blank Name to Anonymous.

  13. I do question that Harry could see those splices, at least to the extent of being able to evaluate the quality. People who were serious about it had splicing kits with a frame that held the tape ends and special tape.

  14. I would agree with Brian, unless the “sweet” was meant sarcastically, and the reason that the splices were visible was because the tape ends were protruding from the spools (VHS cassettes usually have a window so that you can see whether the tape has been rewound). Maybe he didn’t even use Scotch tape (highly inadvisable)†, but chose masking tape instead (which would be ludicrous, of course, unless it was supposed to be “in character”).

    I’d like to be more charitable, but it’s difficult to maintain any sympathy for this guy, when both his appearance (especially the facial expressions) and all the self-centered dialogue seem to scream: “Behold! Here is a major doofus!

    P.S. † – I discovered that professional videotape splicing is (or was) even more complicated than I had expected: the cut isn’t vertical (because the tape runs at an angle across the recording heads), the correct location is hard to find (a “retrace” at the end of a frame), and the audio needed to be dubbed over (because video and audio are not recorded at the same position on the tape). However, judging from the plethora of cheap kits and simplistic “how to” instructions available on the Internet, most hobby editors are only interested in rescuing damaged tapes, so perfection is not required.

  15. Anonymously Targuman… for the record, I had not left my name blank, but for some reason it did not register in the process of my logging in to WordPress.

  16. These things that some of you have forgotten – heck it happens.

    On the other hand – can you imagine having had surgery of some sort at the doctor’s office and having no memory of ever had any surgery in your life? I found out that I have a repressed memory as my husband, one sister and BIL all remember “something being done” (have not asked my baby sister yet since at first I thought she would be too young for me to have told her at the time).

    This arose during a conversation in reference my sister being upset at how we handled taking my 94yo mom to a doctor for skin surgery when I commented to husband that maybe it was due to our only having had dental and his cataract surgeries and he mentioned the other – and has regretted doing so since as it making me crazy.

    Between what has been figured among the 3 of them it was sometime in the late 1980s and I only have my appointment books from 1991. In 2001 same went on my computer and our finances were on same since mid 1990s so that is of no help. (If sister and BIL did not also remember – I might not believe him as his memory tends to be terrible and I use the computer appointment book to clear up differences in memory between us.)

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