1. On the page where the Bliss store offers his comics for sale, this one still doesn’t have a caption, but it does have a rather boring title. Quoting that here would torpedo our discussion and leave us all with a dull, “slice of life” illustration. Even if that was precisely what Bliss intended, it would be better if someone could come up with something witty, to transform this scene into a brilliant, stunningly humorous comic.

    P.S. I didn’t say that this was going to be easy. I can’t come up with anything either.

  2. And he has such a prominent tear starting to run down his face — but has not yet reached for those inviting tissues.

  3. The GoComics comments include, “Therapist is covering his hears” to “Therapist is emulating a faithful dog”. Neither of those speak to me, but I don’t have anything better.

  4. I assume it’s a psychotherapy situation, with the couch, the tears, the tissue box, and the Sigmund Freud look-alike. But when does Dr. Freud kneel at the patient’s side? Where’s his armchair?

  5. If you look closely he’s not covering his ear, just propping his head. This doesn’t exactly clarify anything.

  6. I took it as Mr Green Sweater was telling such an interesting tale, that “Freud” came over to pay closer attention.

    Not that it’s funny that way, but that’s how I read it.

  7. The caption that zbicyclist suggested is excellent (much better than the official “title”).

    P.S. I agree with Dave that he’s supposed to be supporting his head, but to do that without covering his ears, he must be a contortionist.

  8. To me, the therapist’s posture made me think of a dog, sitting attentively listening to its human. this makes sense (to me at least) since Bliss ofen carries themes featuring pets. I’ve never been to a real therapist, but I’ve always found my dogs to be the best “people” to listen to my problems.. That’s how I saw this comic, the therapist modlelling the best listeners (your pets)

  9. @QuiltShop, upon seeing this cartoon (in black & white first) I also spent a moment thinking about how Bliss so often gives us a scene with a person and their attentive dog, or occasionally cat, and how the dog could have taken the therapist’s spot!

  10. In which case the corresponding caption might be “His Master’s Voice” — It has some potential, but I still agree with Pete.

    P.S. Now that we’ve kicked this panel around for a day and a half, I think it’s time to reveal that Bliss’s own “title” for this panel was “I’m listening…”. I think he made the right decision when he did not include that as a visible caption.

  11. No, if he meant us to think of a dog, he would have drawn Bailey, the literal dog.

  12. Bliss’s point is, I think, simply that the shrink was spellbound instead of being bored silly, as they are so often depicted.

  13. The guy on the couch is saying, “Then they got a new Darren, and I had to find a new doctor. Doctor Bombay refused to treat me anymore. That’s why I’m here.”

  14. I LIKE Darren! He is my FRIEND!
    I LIKE his autograph! It is a NICE picture!

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