Three-hour tour

Thanks to Dan Sachs for this CIDU-Geezer.

Because the CIDU will be quickly solved by anyone who can fill in the geezer reference, we thought to provide a little more entertainment …. The editors weren’t really familiar with Diamond Lil, so we looked around in some recent strips, and found an interesting mix of OYs, Ewwws, “dad jokes” (a.k.a. bad jokes), and of course a baseline of geezer alerts!

(I like that the Siri or Alexa is named “Surli”.)


  1. Thanks for the sampler of Diamond Lil., a strip I wasn’t familiar with. I agree that Surli would be a clever name for a PDA.

  2. Oh and, yes I get it why it would be a Denver omelet, but will refrain from spoiling this early.

  3. Please stop ruining comics with your titles; it’s cruel. (I can’t tell whether this one was any good because you pre-confirmed the Gilligan’s Island connection. Timing is everything in humor and you stepped on it. There are a lot of establishments named Gilligan’s in the U.S.)


  4. Sorry about my earlier comment; I should only have talked about my own feelings, which were and are: dismay, disappointment, frustration, letdown, and wanting to cry from having my desire to enjoy a comic thwarted almost every week either by it being explained (or the essence of its punchline referred to) in a heading or other lines BEFORE the comic.

    I’d like to quote, from the CIDU FAQ, the idea that brings me here every day, “The CIDU page is a place for people who love comics, and the artists deserve respect.

    I just wish I could arrive here every time and see that artists have been allowed to present their work before their work is commented on.

    Thanks for not burying me this morning.

  5. Sorry about that, Kevin A. It was a hurried job and we neglected to think about the spoiler factor.

    The full connection has not been spelled out yet, though. Why don’t you go ahead and take the honors for the final spoiler step by explaining why it was a Denver omelette? (Or omelet.)

  6. Meanwhile, I am working on how to slip in a Maynard G. Krebs remark …

  7. an interesting mix of OYs, Ewwws, “dad jokes” (a.k.a. bad jokes)

    One of the YouTube channels I follow is “Garnerish” which is Jennifer Garner’s, mostly episodes of her “Pretend Cooking Show”, Those are her making various things in her home kitchen in slightly chaotic fashion. Anyway, in her kitchen is a “Dad Joke Clock” that displays one at some interval.

  8. I would have thought the other guy, John, the singer-songwriter, would be more famous. But then I can’t think of any of his songs. I guess he wasn’t so memorable after all.

  9. @MarkInBoston: “Rocky Mountain High”? You forgot “Rocky Mountain High”?

    “Country Road”?

    His role as the Messiah in Oh, God?

  10. I have to disagree with Kevin: I thought the post title was perfect.

    P.S. Anyone care to explain who “Alfie” is (or was)?

  11. “Country Roads” is a standard at the local hockey games (no doubt many other venues) where they start it as an crowd sing-along and cut it off at the puck drop but the crowd keeps going for a bit. Oh the humanity.

  12. I recently became aware of a syndicated TV series Bob Denver did later where he really went for a whole new career direction. It was titled “Dusty’s Trail”. Dusty was the klutzy assistant to the grizzled old wagonmaster of a wagon train. Due to Dusty’s error, some of the train is separated and is lost in the western wilderness. There’s a dancehall girl, a schoolteacher , an inventor, and a older wealthy couple. Ground-breaking stuff.

  13. As others have noted, Alfie was a film, starring Michael Caine, with the theme song performed by Cher (in the US release). There was also a remake with Jude Law in 2004, with the theme song performed by Joss Stone, so it’s not entirely a geezer reference.

  14. And I thought the way “AL – FIE!” was printed made a nice echo to the way the song does it.

  15. Danny Boy – London Derriere: I guess that would be too much ‘work’.

    I’m still not getting the Bob Denver / omelette connection.

  16. The Denver Omelet is still one of the featured menu items at “Valois – See Your Food” in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago (where I think they still advertise that it was one of President Obama’s favorite spots).

    One day my mind was occupied on something else, and I ordered a Western Omelet. To my mind, just as to that Wikipedia entry, those are just alternate names for the same thing. For a moment, until I noticed and said just make it a Denver please, the cook and assistant were discussing what the Western was – like a Denver but leave out the cheese, or leave out the green bell peppers, or something else like that.

  17. Yes, thanks for the pointer to Diamond Lil. I’ve just added it to my GoComics list.

  18. In that Baader-Meinhof way, I was reading a book last night and of course a character ordered a Denver Omelet.

  19. In college I went to see a student production of “The Zoo Story.”

    When I told my roommate about it he sang “What’s it all about, Albee?”

  20. Brian in STL says: In that Baader-Meinhof way, I was reading a book last night and of course a character ordered a Denver Omelet.

    Speaking of Michael Caine (as we were), and speaking of special preparations of eggs, I have started watching the recent mini-series adaptation of The Ipcress File.

    There is a scene where Harry Palmer and his minder Jean are staying at some sort of safe house (or maybe a regular B&B). Harry is in his room, idly doing a crossword, and thinking over an entry while he tells us the clue. Unfortunately I don’t remember the clue exactly, but I will say “Military breakfast”. Then a few moments later, while doing something else, he exclaims “Eggs Benedict”.

    Cut to the kitchen of the B&B where Harry and Jean are cooking. He is whisking eggs in a largish bowl, and tells her, The secret is to keep whisking the eggs vigorously while pouring the butter in. I was puzzled and thought “But the eggs in Benedict are poached, not beaten.” I had to look it up, and of course the Hollandaise sauce which goes on the Eggs Benedict assembly is made with separated egg yolks, with melted butter beaten in and some other ingredients.

  21. My father and stepmother had several cats at their Miami suburban home, that were indoor/outdoor cats to varying degrees. One was Alfie. And if he stayed away for a couple days, when he reappeared they would get happy and excited to have him back, and usually sang the “What’s it all about, Alfie?” line a few times.

  22. Now I’m thinking of Curly of the Three Stooges following a recipe for turkey stuffing:

    Separate three eggs.

    Beat them well.

  23. Well – now I know what a Denver omelette is. Seems a reasonable concotion, personally I’d not regard the cheese as optional. Unlike the tomatoes – all they do to omelettes is turn them into a sloppy mess.

    Plus, of course, there have to be a few chopped birdseye chillis in there.

    BUT – IHNIW what the joke is.

  24. MikeP: Bob Denver was the star of the iconic TV show GILLIGAN’S ISLAND (he played Gilligan), a factoid I know even though I am one of maybe eleven people in the United States who never watched a single minute of a single episode of it. (This was back in the days when I absorbed pop culture by osmosis by reading parodies of contemporary movies, TV shows, etc. in MAD magazine.)

  25. Ah.

    To the best of my knowledge that show never made it to these shores.

    Another factoid – John Denver is a member of an exclusive list of recording artists who had a huge worldwide hit with a non-instrumental song where the title of the song does not appear in the lyrics.

  26. MikeP – As Shrug explained, the joke is in the chain of association, from Gilligan’s Cafe to Gilligan’s Island to Bob Denver to Denver Omelet. Knowing the contents of a Denver Omelet is not important to the joke. But it does require knowing that Denver Omelet is a very standard breakfast dish, and not just something they are saying.

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