1. Not a clue. I looked for covers, thinking maybe The Oxfords or The Suit and Ties might have done it and the artist for some reason only knew of that version, but didn’t see anything plausible.

  2. @PS3, when I opened the email suggesting this, I hadn’t absorbed that it was Strange Brew, and thought it might be from Deering’s flat-out editorial cartooning – where it would not be surprising that I am simply unaware of some public figure named Ron who has gotten into some scandal involving men’s apparel. … But that doesn’t work for the Strange Brew framework.

  3. I think the joke begins with the idea of what mannikins might do after hours. Then the cartoonist has to pick a song, one with a lead singer and backups.

    As to why this song: I think many men sing alone in the car, or in the shower, catchy songs that have lyrics intended to be sung by women. They’re a sort of guilty pleasure you might be vaguely embarrassed to be seen singing. This is that type of song.

  4. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch used “Da Do Ron Ron” as their sports page headline in 1996 after Ron Gant homered twice off of Tom Glavine in the Cardinals’ game 3 victory in the NLCS… though the Braves would ultimately win the series 4-3, overcoming a 3-1 deficit and beating the Cardinals by a combined 31 runs in those final 3 games.

    Oh… no, I have no idea on the comic…

  5. Oh that Wikipedia and its “disambiguation pages”! If you go to look up this cartoonist, watch out you don’t get “John Deering (Murderer)”!

  6. My guess would be that the artist went shopping and saw a setup in the Men’s department that made him think of a singing group, so he came home and drew this comic. Why he picked that song, I have no idea.

    Alternately, he needed a place where the mannequins would have heads. Many places where they show off clothes, they just have bodies or just parts of bodies, no heads. But to show off ties, you’d need heads, so that’s where he went.

  7. zbicyclist’s remarks remind me of an ancient Shelley Berman routine. He says he was driving around in a convertible and singing along with the radio. Stops at a red light and a motorcycle cop pulls up next to him, just as he is belting out “I enjoy being a girl”.

  8. I also thought the scat/chant was “Run Run” not “Ron Ron”, and would not that the YouTube titler for the clip posted by Eisenhomer evidently agrees.

  9. Well, I think he chose the song for the sheer perversity of giving everyone an ear worm for the rest of the day.

  10. “What mannequins do after the store closes for the night” has been the subject of at least one animated cartoon and at least one Twilight Zone episode that I’ve seen.

  11. The department store cartoon reminded me of the SNL skit where a guy goes into the men’s room singing “Under The Boardwalk” and the guys in the stalls join in on the chorus.

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