1. Yes, the cartoon either should have had the caption without the dialogue, or the dialogue without the caption. Foregoing both would also have worked. As it is, the caption is squirrel-like.

  2. I wouldn’t have known it was the Yeti without the caption.

    I guess the joke is that rather than being a native of the Himalayas, the Yeti just seeks out the most inaccessible hiding places so he doesn’t have to deal with people. Now that the Himalayas are being explored and climbed on the regular, he had to find a new hiding place.

    He thought all the kids were too busy with their electronics to play crane games anymore.

  3. I think I’ve usally seen the “crane games” bear the brand name Big Claw, so maybe that’s some sort of slant reference here to Big Foot ? (But I realize that’s a Big Stretch. . . .)

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