Tuna breath

Texts from Mittens is almost always an SMS-based texting conversation between a cat and his owner (or “Mom”, occasionally “Mama”), in a layout imitating display on a phone screen. Never a drawing or other image of the kind we associate with comics.

Sometimes a different character gets in the conversation. I just today looked at the Characters tab on GoComics, which sort of answers a couple of my long-standing questions. But there are no answers anywhere to fundamental questions or consistent treatment of his unusual abilities (does he tap out messages with a paw on a physical phone, or send them via mental/physical magic connection?), his contact list, his mix of knowledge and ignorance about the human world. Oh never mind, it’s all just for cat people to read and indulgently sigh in recognition. He gets a little shirty but loves his Mom, okay?

In this one, of course Mittens likes tuna smells. But is Mom taking that into account? Or is she thinking by habit of how tuna breath would affect human companions and coworkers?


  1. The point “mom” is taking is that cats and humans have very different ideas of what smells good. She knows that Mittens would love the tuna breath while most humans would not.

  2. I think Powers has it. Cat doesn’t care for coffee smell, so before the next snuggles session, perhaps eat something the cat would enjoy smelling on your breath.

  3. While I’ve definitely had cats who have a preference for certain odors, I’m not sure I can recall one having an obvious aversion to any. Most seem to find some level of fascination, however long or brief, in everything they smell.

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