Sunday Funnies – LOLs, September 5th, 2021

We were calling this a CIDU briefly while trying to understand why it was a Summer Concert but the bands were not notably summer foods. But then quashed the question on the basis that summer is just when there are lots of concerts and particularly the big outdoor festivals.

Jenny also sent this in, and considered it sort of a CIDU, asking “Why is meatloaf on the list, along with the veggies?”.

From Jenny:


  1. I assume Tom Falco was just thinking “food” and came up with more plant-themed bands because, I don’t know, maybe there are more? I suppose he could have included Bread, maybe Cream?

  2. I don’t get the “I dreamed I was Brad Pitt” one… I dreamed you were Brad Pitt, maybe, from either one of them, I could get the drift of where it was going, into Arlo territory, but I dreamed I was Brad? Who does that? and why? And the kicker “and I’m Charlize Theron?”?? Not I dreamed I was, but I am… And why Brad and Charlize? Are they a thing that I missed?
    Either way, the rule of attracting someone of about your attractiveness level holds in either case, whether they are both dreaming they are in a higher league, or the more mundane reality of their real life — they are in the same league, so why not get the game on? I don’t see what the point of this dreaming is. Is she withholding sex because she thinks she is Charlize, and so he dreamed he was Brad and was finally able to get some from his wife? But she’s not Charlize, she’s a schlub just like him, why did she get married if she’s under delusions that she’s better than him?

  3. To answer just one of larK’s questions, yes there was a rumor or fan belief that Brad and Charlize were a thing, a couple years ago. Her amused but explicit denial seems to have quieted that belief.

    But I see that does not exhaust the analysis or questions. Maybe I should have trusted Jenny’s instincts when she submitted this as a CIDU; but I thought that the minute to look up whether Brad and Charlize had been a thing would be all it took to settle this one, and what would there be left to discuss?

  4. Well, it should be “Meat Loaf”, not “Meatloaf”. But Meat Loaf is still performing so I see no reason why he wouldn’t be included. I assume the concert is all foods, not just vegetables. I can’t think of any other current bands off the top of my head that are foods but not fruits or veggies. Bread is no longer active as such, being as most of the members are no longer with us.

  5. << I always interpreted the band name “Menudo” as “small change”. >>

    I don’t understand. Menudo is a Mexican soup. Where does the interpretation ‘small change’ come from?

  6. I’m waiting to get access to my screenshot of Google Translate results for menudo, but I’ll note that weirdly the main selected translation was just often! But then several options about smallness or the unfamiliar doited. There are also a bunch of dictionary discursive style definitions — but they are in Spanish!

    Finally there is a Noun entry and it does involve food. This definition about viscera and parts undoubtedly relates to the stew sense. Here it is, copied in Spanish then recycled in the program into English:

    Set of viscera and parts of lesser value of the meat that are separated from it when the body of an animal destined for human consumption is torn to pieces; in birds they are the entrails, wings, legs, head and neck, and in cattle they are the belly, entrails, blood and hands.

  7. From

    1. (culinary)
      a. tripe stew
      Los mexicanos creen que comer menudo es bueno para la resaca.Mexicans believe eating tripe stew is good for a hangover.
    2. (money) (Caribbean)
      (Costa Rica)
      a. change
      ¿Traes menudo para pagar el estacionamiento?Have you got change to pay for parking?
      b. loose change
      No llevo menudo encima.I don’t have any loose change on me.

  8. Wait, you mean other languages can different usages for the same word?! I thought that was our thing!!

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