1. He was such a handful that she told him his parents were probably running away and would not be coming back. In fact she bet him that was the case.

    It was worth a chuckle.

  2. I think the main component of the bribe was to wake her up when the parents arrive. Being good was optional, though this being Dennis, was not likely.

  3. I saw it a bribe. But leaving a mess on the floor isn’t being good. It’s not as bad as he usually is but it isn’t being good.

  4. You can read it either as a bet or a bribe. I don’t think there’s any way to tell which one it is, though the bet raises the question of why she was sleeping.

  5. I like beckoningchasm’s idea; I hadn’t thought of that. Dennis’s take would probably be a small percentage of her rate.

    I’m looking for a new software engineering job right now (due to the company running out of work), and feeling a bit of yearning to go back to the time and place where the neighbor’s son I baby sat lived right next door.

  6. Woozy – the mess on the floor was made by the babysitter, after she got drunk on beer and high on illegal marijuana. Dennis will accept the blame for said mess in exchange for cash, other coin of the realm, or perhaps some of those beers and marijuana.

  7. I wonder where Dennis’ parents went. The black bow tie indicates a tuxedo, but it’s a blue tuxedo. Was he a groom in a Sun Myung Moon mass wedding? Alice is dressed for … playing tennis?

  8. Oh, Alice has her coat on over her schoolgirl outfit. They’ve been at a hotel role-playing.

  9. I figure it is a bribe not to tell them she fell asleep.

    Men can wear a bow tie with clothing other than tuxedos. We have a fellow in our reenactment unit (an attorney) who comes from work to meetings and board meetings and wears a bow tie with his regular suits. Alice is wearing a skirt and blouse – I would wear same if I was dressed up and Robert was wearing a suit as I don’t own any dresses or women’s suits – just a handful of dressier blouses and three skirts – one blue, one black, and one brown, as opposed to my usual daily tee shirts worn with jeans. They serve to wear to work, synagogue, church,funeral, or the rare dressy party we are invited to once maybe 3 or more years.

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