1. They are going to tickle her because she left her arm up in tickling position, and the temptation is too great.

  2. Thank goodness I saw the feather! For a minute they were going to dismantle her, luckily it didn’t go that way

  3. ianosmond has it. Especially since they’ve drawn a rather elaborate feather, one you’d typically use in tickling, rather than a standard pigeon feather or such.

  4. As the old saying goes, “To someone with a feather, every armpit looks like a tickle-target”.

  5. The guy is standing on the feather. and just sort of loosely hanging on to the, um strap?
    Elaborate suicide setup.

  6. Since it was green, I thought it was one of those pine trees used to top off buildings. Makes less sense than a feather, I know.

  7. The bird it came from appears to be perched on top of the crane. It is a REALLY strong bird.

  8. I also saw an evergreen branch, because of the color.

    Also, Lady Liberty is enormous, and the pedestal she’s on is just as tall. This is a 1/10 scale replica.

  9. I’ll be honest — at first I thought they were tickling the crane. It does kind of look like an upraised arm. And it has motion lines like it’s twitching.

  10. I don’t think the yaffle (green woodpecker) is ever part of the story, but, in this one, I’m enjoying how easy it is to imagine that it’s running the operation. :~)

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