1. I think it’s WInnie the Pooh, who is a stuffed animal. And would likely suffer in a confrontation with…well, any real animal. But since he’s stuffed, he doesn’t feel pain and is only a bit inconvenienced.

  2. That’s Harry’s dog, which I believe was called Penny in a recent strip. Penny appears to be burying the lede in her diary entry.

    The strip doesn’t work for me, because it’s too over-the-top. Penny is a real dog, and while I’m willing to accept that she can write, writing after being decapitated is a bit much.

  3. @beckoningchasm, Winnie-the-Pooh has round bear ears. This creature has floppy dog ears.

  4. Another cartoonist is having a mental breakdown in public?

    Doesn’t work on any level knowing the style of this cartoonist.

  5. So the joke is dogs are eternally optimistic and gleefully excited. So if a dog ran across a bobcat and had her head ripped from her body, rather then focusing on her violent and gruesome death she’d write an excited and upbeat entry in her journal.

    But seriously, the tone of a gentle and loving dog in urbane situations smashing into the wall of cynical and violent cartoon where heads being ripped off it’s a common occurrence just doesn’t mesh with this cartoonists style. It’s very, very wrong.

  6. Oh right, it was a mistake to unreflectingly use masculine pronouns it the title. But if the drawing is sort-of self-contained, we probably should not count this dog as the one we’ve seen before and know is female. So I guess go with neutral “they”-form pronouns. But that has the downside of looking plural, and confuses the issue of head and body being separate. Separated. Are they different individuals then?

  7. Mitch4, “it” would work just fine as a pronoun for the dog. And “they” is usually contextually clear, especially if we can see how many creatures are in the comic.

    As for what this is supposed to mean, I guess it means the dog is supernatural because it is still alive after having its head ripped off. Or maybe it was buried in the pet semetary.

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