1. Big bright lights show wrinkles and saggage. As you get older, you want smaller, softer lights to hide a multitude of cosmetic skin issues.

    In real life people need to increase lamp brightness just to stay still: “Over the age of 65, eyes typically need twice as much lighting as those who are 20 and under. ”

    So just keeping the same old lamps and losing your eyesight would smooth out wrinkles – nonetheless, for the sake of the joke, no doubt wrinklage increases five or ten times faster than simple eye deterioration can cope with, so Janis has to make a technological intervention to maintain the illusion of youthful skin.

  2. @Mitch4- How do I embed an image in a comment? Thanks for embedding my link!

  3. Blinky, we’ve discussed it to varying depths at various places! Most recently in the thread from a post “Missed Messages”, though that one is rather incomplete. I guess this should go into a FAQ entry. (Yes, we can.)

    Meanwhile the main points are:

    1. A “clean”, direct URL — as discussed in that thread. No search, no attributes. (There are tricks for extracting from a GoComics item, if right-click and “Copy image address” doesn’t do it. But they are too complicated for this marginal comment to contain.)
    2. We’re not sure this is necessary, but: Put the URL on a line of its own. So do a line break just before and just after.
    3. OTOH, it’s best to type in some words as a comment. If there is nothing but a link the spam detector may score it as spam.
    4. The part Andrea was referring to, “add a .gif ending”. For some reason, some sites — such as GoComics — give a URL that ends with some coded reference that is not a filetype extension. For WordPress to display it as an image, it must end with a filetype extension for an image type. So if not already in that form, tack on such an extension — we tend to just say “add .gif” but others work, e.g. .png.

  4. Even if it’s over on the dresser (as shown in that embedded callback), the smaller size can still be a benefit to stability. It’s just that the challenge to stability is not coming from whoopie shaking the bed and the headboard or immediate night-table — instead it’s from either party (though more likely Arlo) getting up in the dark to stumble into the en-suite and knocking the lamp while grasping at the dresser.

  5. narmitaj: That was an interesting article. My wife’s eyes and mine have been going in opposite directions. She needs lots of light, to the point of always turning on the room lights in a sunlit room. My eyes, OTOH, are overly sensitive; I prefer lower light levels and require shades when out in the sunlight. And yes, we’re both “of a certain age.”

    Mitch4: So, embedding requires an online URL, as I had suspected. I hoped you had some way to point to a file on one’s own system (like a fresh screen capture, for instance).

  6. I was never deeply into photography, but at one time in my family-of-origin I was in charge of snapshots and vacation documenting, and got to know a little about the settings on a cheap but classic 35mm still camera. Have you ever done something like that, and learned about the relation between f-stop and depth-of-field? That’s a big part of why some of us elders want things bright. (Beyond simply more illumination.) The stronger light gets your aperture to iris down, which increases depth-of-field. And reduced depth-of-field is essentially what presbyopia is about.

  7. Yes, I was once a newspaper fotog. And you’re quite right about depth of field. A good exemplar is trying to read the program in a concert hall or theater.

  8. Some forums do allow you to supply images, but that requires an upload step and the forum must provide storage for the files. I’m not sure if WordPress sites can even do that.

    There are also copyright considerations. While many sites dislike hotlinking, courts have ruled that it’s not a copyright issue.

  9. Night light to be left on to be able to find the way out of the bedroom to the bathroom without waking one’s other by turning on the room light?

  10. I’m familiar with “tonite” written solid, as an advertising or casualism form, and “to-night” (as well as “to-morrow”) as a very old-fashioned form in the standard language. But as I think Danny was remarking, this combines hyphenation and the ‘nite’ spelling.

  11. Meryl, that fits with the strip in the main post, though it doesn’t explain the link between size and aging. But then, neither does the “whoopie lamp” A&J inclusion either.

  12. If you think about it, you really only need one lamp, whether it’s “To-nite’s the Nite” or “Not To-nite,” as long as you know which one you’ve got, as the absence of a lamp means the opposite of whichever lamp you have means.

    To save electricity, you should buy the one that you will be plugging in less often.

    That should tell you something about people who buy only the “Not To-nite” lamp.

  13. deety – as one ages one does not see as well, especially in the dark so help to find the way to the bathroom is needed more – ?

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