1. Among other things, the legs aren’t replacing the equivalent structures on a fish, it’s like getting legs jutting out of our chest.

  2. Oh yeah, he should have stuck with waiting for the evolution to do its job, mixing in those other regimens messed with it in a bad way.

  3. And the over-muscled legs seem so clearly human-male, that puts the oversharing open fish mouth projecting forward just about where his features essential to continued evolution in another generation might be found.

  4. I would put this in the EW category. In fact, I was just commenting to Hubby the other day that outright alien/scary movie/tv creatures don’t frighten me (I admire the imagination and the work[wo]manship), but take a human figure and distort it somehow (the goddess Kali with her six arms, for example), and it is nightmarish to me. Like this . . .

    Hieronymus Bosch’s artwork has many of these human/animal mutations.

  5. It looks odd because the fish are drawn in a cartoony-style, while the legs are drawn in a more realistic style, and placed in a rather bizarre location for a fish — even for a cartoon fish.

    It’s like if there was a drawing of a beautiful, shapely woman wearing a sleek dress, and on top of her shoulders, where you might expect a neck and head to be, you instead saw one of those yellow happy-face emojis.

  6. Land fish has neither gills nor nostrils. Not sure about water fish. Maybe they breathe through their mouths?
    Land fish has evolved an eyebrow, not yet morphed into a unibrow.

  7. I did an image search for “reverse mermaid” but decided those results were waaay to creepy to post.

  8. It’s ridiculous! Everyone knows evolution is just a theory! So the fish is talking nonsense. 🙂

  9. The creepy association for me was something that has haunted me for about 60 years: the cover art for Nightmares and Geezenstacks. Alas, I can’t figure out how to embed an image, but you can see it on the wikipedia page at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nightmares_and_Geezenstacks . The leggy creature is from the Bosch painting The Last Judgement, as Andréa mentioned. (The dragon-woman figure isn’t by Bosch – it’s a drawiing by Heinrich Kley.)

  10. That certainly is derived from Bosch. Let’s see if this will embed correctly:

    (There was some attribution text suggested but I can’t find it again.)

  11. If you have a clean image link (ending in .png or .jpg or the like and not served by a PHP link or something like that) and entered on a separate line, the WordPress software will usually embed it.

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