1. It’s probably no more than the thought that if sculptors depict people in all sorts of odd shapes, they ought also to think about and depict the environment they would have to live in. For instance, Giacometti’s very tall, thin people would ideally have tall thin doorways and very long beds.

  2. If a man is shaped like the figure on the right, then a door should be shaped like the figure on the left. More of a random drawing than a joke, though.

  3. And is anyone still saying that El Greco had astigmatism and literally saw the world as vertically elongated?

  4. When I heard that El Greco idea before I always thought, well, presumably as he was painting away his paintings would still match the world as he saw it. So any elongated artworks he painted would look, to him, even taller and thinner than the world he saw around him.

    Looking at Wikipedia I see “Stuart Anstis, Professor at the University of California (Department of Psychology) concludes that “even if El Greco were astigmatic, he would have adapted to it, and his figures, whether drawn from memory or life, would have had normal proportions. His elongations were an artistic expression, not a visual symptom.””

    Other people said the elongations were evidence of homosexuality* or the use of cannabis, apparently!

    *This was W. Somerset Maugham (1874 – 1965) who was himself gay and died a couple of years before homosexuality was legalised in the UK.

  5. That’s the main objection I have. Doorways are generally oblong openings large enough in all dimensions to fit the majority of the users. They aren’t form-fitted. But it’s still rather clever.

  6. It’s fortunate that the door does not have a knob or handle, since the man has no arms or hands to operate it with.

    (I am unsure if we were supposed to think of the word “doorman.” It seems that we should given the large words on the placards, but it is at best incidental to the joke.)

  7. Had I encountered either this comic or the “art” form, I would have passed right on to the next item with nary thought nor memory of it.

  8. I don’t “do” modern art in general, but I have to say that if this were a real sculpture, I’d find it interesting and maybe neat.

  9. Thanks, BR! I actually have seen this or a very similar clip from that show at some point, but would never have thought of it without your note.

  10. So from that clip, it would seem that that Japanese game show turns out to be an unworkable concept: only three of the myriad ones shown had a successful way through (and were mostly not the players forming themselves into the suggested configurations, but skinny payers managing to twist through the thickest parts); most of the others couldn’t be done, and a remarkably large amount of them resulted in breakage of the set! Back to the drawing board…

  11. And what is that tub of white stuff they go to after falling in the pool? It looks like it’s ice chips??

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