1. The scanner has debris that made my think my screen was dirty. The animal spoonerism post mad me think my week-old laptop was cracked.

  2. Sigh. I remember people teasing CIDU Bill for taking bad digital pictures of New Yorker cartoons instead of scanning them or finding them online. I think I once proposed we all chip in to buy him a scanner.

  3. Well I’ll match 4 with E. Salvador Dali (whose museums we have just been discussing!) with the up-flying waxed mustache tendrils.

  4. cxp, I agree with 3 = g — and probably Mark M does too, if 3 was what he picked for Princess Leia.

    I suggest 7 = a, Frida Kahlo and the picture is her eyebrow.

  5. 1 d Angela Davis
    2 f Jo Baker
    3 g Princess Leia
    4 e Salvador Dali
    5 b Venus of Willendorf
    6 i Willie Nelson / Renata Adler
    7 a Frida Kahlo ?
    8 c Prince Valiant
    9 h Mr. Clean

  6. The official answer key as published in the magazine:

    1 (d); 2 (f); 3 (g); 4 (e); 5 (b); 6 (i); 7 (a); 8 (c); 9 (h).

    And D McKeon’s complete list was correct! As well as the individual contributions. Thanks to all!

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