1. It matches. To a Plugger, password security is ensured by forgetfulness, not complexity of password.

  2. Yes, it’s a cliché of TV or film laughability when a password turns out to be a date or name, and not even a token disguise like added 987 etc.

  3. Is this plugger a fan of the Jackson Five? If yes, it’s the former password, if no it is the latter.

  4. “even you” implies that the password is secure not just against you, but against others as well. This is more “Pluggers have passwords that are secure only against themselves.”

  5. You’re a plugger if you leave your password management to that nice man from Nigeria who will be giving you a million dollars just as soon as he can pay his court fee.

  6. This is based on the idea that “hacking” is just someone trying to guess your password at random. But I will say all the easy ones (like pa55w0rd and abc123) are usually at the beginning of a brute force attack.

    “Hacking” trope I really hate in books and film is that you’re trying to guess the password and you look at the guy’s desk and there’s a picture of his wife and the password is her name. Or the title of movie featured on the poster on the wall.

  7. Remember, folks — the best and most effective ways to hack are usually variations of figuring out ways to ask people what their passwords are. You might be doing this through making a fake place for them to type in their password that looks like where they usually do it; you might have done that on one system, and then checked out if they used the same password somewhere else; you might see if they wrote it down; you might pretend to be an authority figure or trusted person who has the right to get into their account and ask them that way. But they’re all kind of ways to ask the person to tell you the answer, rather than trying to guess it.

  8. Yes, I started to call this “social engineering” but then thought that is used for something else. “Phishing” is a good example, but just an example, not the general term.

  9. And yet, from Surely You’re Joking Mr. Feynman:

    `Next, try the psychology method. I said to myself, “Freddy de Hoffman is just the kind of guy to use a mathematical constant for a safe combination.”

    I went back to the first filing cabinet and tried 27­18­28 ­­ CLICK! It opened! (The mathematical constant second in importance to pi is the base of natural logarithms, e:2.71828. . .) `


    `Then I decided to try everything from around 1900 until now. That sounds like a lot, but it’s not: the first number is a month, one through twelve, and I can try that using only three numbers: ten, five, and zero. The second number is a day, from one to thirty­ one, which I can try with six numbers. The third number is the year, which was only forty­seven numbers at that time, which I could try with nine numbers. So the 8000 combinations had been reduced to 162, something I could try in fifteen or twenty minutes.

    Unfortunately I started with the high end of the numbers for the months, because when I finally opened it, the combination was 0­5­35.
    I turned to de Hoffman. “What happened to Kerst around January 5, 1935?”
    “His daughter was born in 1936,” de Hoffman said. “It must be her birthday.” `

    Or would you just say those are examples of the trope in action?

  10. I had read an article about secure passwords – add numbers/symbols and make it not something someone would guess.

    I came up with a system – where I use sayings or lines from books with capital letters numbers and symbols mixed in and can keep a list of them in a code that only I would know (because I am sure that people are lining up to break into my email accounts to read the postings I write on craft, Diabetes, and such sites). I figure I am fine as I know all my passwords with this system.

    We received new debit cards from one of our “lesser banks” (not where our main accounts are – just parked money which is mostly gone now). First, I had to figure out if my card was for my accounts or his accounts which on which I am joint – then I remember I don’t have a card for his account. The instructions say that one will be resetting one’s pin – uh oh! Neither of us has used our cards for these accounts in years – we actually have not used the old cards I was shredding at all – so if need our pin – we are in a big problem. I telephoned for my card – after all that concern the PIN change is voluntary – so i was able to activate his card also.

    Someday when life is normal again we figure we better go back into the bank and get new Pins so we can access the accounts as they no longer have live in the branch tellers.

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