Chess nuts boasting in an open foyer

For anyone not familiar with the character names, the woman seated in panels 1 and 3 is Ms (Rose) Trellis, the CEO at Fastrack, and the younger goth-ish woman standing is Dethany (Dendrobia), one of her key assistants.

Remote play in chess is of course a very real thing, and has been carried out employing the communication channels of any era, going right back to post cards and beyond. So use of SMS-texting or other contemporary chat options for exchange of chess moves is not really a surprise, or a joke. What, then, is?

Later: Arthur has contributed another copy of the image, possibly higher def. Thanks!

And one other. sigh.

Aannnd one more for the old college try:


  1. Yeah, my memory of this is really flimsy, if not quite woozy.

    But this was quite a while ago, and may have been in the era when collars were not usually built-in features on business or dress shirts. Instead, they were removable, and sold separately, and worn semi-independently. This, I think, is how clerical collars work even today.

    Oh wait! I’m making the wrong case! I’m getting it backwards. If it really was back when gentlemen’s shirts were collarless and they wore separate collars, then the murderer could have simply turned the victim’s clerical collar around and made it a frontwise normal business collar.

    Oh, wait again! No no, keep it in the era of everybody having detachable collars. Why couldn’t the murderer just turn the victim’s collar frontwise? Because he didn’t have a necktie!

  2. Haven’t read it in years, but vague memory was that murderer had already stabbed him in the front, obviously leaving an entry hole in the shirt, and maybe the collar was one that could not be detatched, so only way to conceal the backwards-collar-clergy giveaway was to backwardsize everything else in the room? Could be misremembering.

  3. Knowing Ellery Queen’s style, Shrug probably has it.

    But that doesn’t make it any less ludicrous and far-fetched, and deserving of my sarcasm.

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