1. The joke is that TP has nothing to worry about.
    ‘People still use it, so I guess it is?’ This is right but only because TP’s necessary. Anything that isn’t necessary has to wonder about its relevancy after a while: that’s marketing’s job.
    Coming soon… ‘New and improved’ TP.

  2. I understand it basically as Carl does. But also can’t help hearing an extremely outdated geezer sense where relevant (without a to phrase) was a mostly but not exclusively political characterization for acceptable or with it. This might be clearer in terms of the opposite, irrelevant , which was dismissible because establishment or conservative.

  3. Not that long ago, stores were out of toilet paper, and people were hunting everywhere for it, the shortage was on the news, etc. Now that crisis has passed, for now… (although I’m hearing that toilet paper is getting to be hard to find again…)

  4. So long as the “which way to hang it up” question can still arouse vehement and prolonged arguments, toilet paper will always be “relevant” (at least to cartoons and standup comics).

  5. I haven’t seen much problem locally. Both the supermarket and Walgreens have good supplies, including my preferred Charmin Ultra-soft.

  6. The stores around here put up limits again with the new shutdown (only 2 of paper goods per customer, for instance) and I’m seeing some empty shelves. It didn’t bother me the first time, nor this time – I keep a good stock anyway, and refilled during the more relaxed time this summer.

  7. It seems the difference between a “hoard” and a “supply,” is that a hoard is an item you don’t have a supply of. I bought my giant Costco pack of TP many, many months ago, when such an act was decried as “hoarding” by anyone who didn’t get one. Used it up. Bought 30 more rolls.

  8. Back at the beginning of March we were on our regular Sunday schedule. Lunch at a different Wendys (than the one we went to Monday through Saturday for lunch or the one we went to Saturday nights for dinner), Walk around Costco for exercise and because it is not Walmart where we went daily, then a stop at BJs for gas for the car, and then the Walmart out in the next county – it is a larger one than the one near us) and then home.

    As we finished lunch Robert told me that he wanted to buy a package of TP at Costco – “just in case”. My reaction was “we have a started roll and 2 spares in each of the two bathrooms and well over a half a Costco package in the closet – plus a started roll and 2 spares in the RV. We have a started roll and a spare roll of your ‘special’ TP in each of the two bathrooms plus an unstarted Walmart package plus a started roll and a spare roll in the RV. He seemed to be under the impression that we use a roll in each bathroom weekly. I figured that TP does not go bad and if it would make him feel better – what the heck.

    When we got to Costco apparently everyone else had the same idea. I have never been in Costco when there were completely empty section of an entire group of products. We headed over to BJs and managed to find a package there – around the same size as the ones normally Costco.

    He also bought an extra package of paper towels in Walmart.

    Two months ago he told me that there was only one roll of TP in the upstairs closet after he replaced the spares in the upstairs bathroom (package that was in the house before March). I pulled two rolls out of the package in the basement – the one we bought in March – and brought them upstairs. There were 5 rolls in the package upstairs. At this point 9 and a half months later – we still have not started the new packages.

    We had similar searches for hand soap, dish soap and laundry detergent. Okay, we did start start using the hand soap a and the dish soap bit earlier than the TP – but by then all of the items were basically available again for awhile – and the hand and dish soap we had more of in the RV and bottles of other brands of the dish and laundry in the house.

  9. I’ve been ordering paper products thru amazon. Heck, for $100/year, I may as well use the shipping-free of Prime. I think I order at least one item/day; things I could never find in a store and don’t want to be in a store to find, anyway.

  10. As I have probably mentioned – we never seem to have much luck with ordering things.

    Right now waiting for gift ordered through Amazon for his younger niece to get to them – we ordered it 3 weeks ago. Latest info is that it is was leaving “delivery partner’s” York, PA facility and “we” (USPS) still do not have it.

  11. @MerylA, you heard that Amazon had to close one of their local (to us, New Jersey) warehouses because of a SARS-CoV-2 outbreak? Might be relevant. To give credit where due, they’re closing the place because of several so-far asymptomatic infections, no actual cases of disease as of yesterday.

  12. In all my years of ordering from amazon, I’ve lost only three packages (and I do a LOT of ordering) . . . all three were of Spic ‘n’ Span antibacterial spray. I spoke with the supplier . . . I thought that maybe there is a ‘black market’ for antibacterial spray, but then, how would anyone know what’s in the box? The distributor told me this has been the worst year for ‘losing’ packages. I’m sure it has to do with the above-mentioned issues, AND the shenanigans performed by DeJoy, et al, before the election (which is why I sent out cards and gifts in October).

    Otherwise, all my shipping from not only amazon, but WalMart, etc., have been fine. THIS video may be of interest for those who have had packages stolen from their porches, which is an entirely different issue . . .

    It’s also interesting from an engineering POV.

  13. Ha ha ha ha! Thanks, Andréa. I thought I already had seen this, but it’s a very New and Improved edition.

  14. Yes, engineers are always working towards ‘new and improved’. Glad you enjoyed it.

    It’s sad, tho, to see this sort of thing going on . . . and with people’s kids in attendance, too, altho I s’pose if you’re the type of person who’d do this kind of stealing, you’d also be the type of person who wouldn’t care about setting a ‘good’ example to your kids. What a world we live in.

  15. I don’t use Amazon all that often, because I don’t really buy all that much. I’ve never had a problem with any shipped items. This year I had gifts sent directly to my great niece and nephew. So far, two packages have arrived, one ahead of schedule, on on time. The other is scheduled for Thursday, so we’ll see on that.

  16. The gift was coming from California. After 2 weeks plus it had made its way to York, PA – still not in USPS possession – it was “in possession of partner”. Today – 12/28 – after not hearing anything in about a week I got 5 or 6 tracking emails that it was upstate NY -finally in the possession of USPS and would be delivered tomorrow morning out in Suffolk county to Robert’s sister (for her daughter).

    Now we are having a fight with one of our credit card banks due to (according to them) slow mail delivery problems. We ordered Chinese takeout Saturday night from a local place as we have done most Saturday nights this year. Our credit card was rejected twice and we finally used a different card – very embarrassed that it was rejected as this is a small family business that we get food from often.

    I telephoned the bank which issued the card on Sunday and after being put through to fraud, who put me through to customer service, I was told that our check had been delayed in processing to our account as it arrived on Christmas (did not know mail arrives on same) but that the matter had been corrected and the card could be used.

    Today (Monday) we went to use the card at the supermarket and it was rejected again. I telephoned again. I checked my records and I had mailed the payment on December 9 to be picked up from the collection box on December 10. Basically I had mailed the check almost 2 weeks before the payment was due. (And this was one of the few statements from this bank which actually arrived early enough to pay – I have paid the others with a cover letter so they would be timely paid.) I have also checked with my bank and the check is pending with them as of receipt on December 28. The woman I spoke to today said that they know the mail has had problems and delays. I pointed out to her that if they knew so and an account which has been open for decades and has always been timely paid in full each statement was not paid at this time – some consideration should have been made due to the current mail and general circumstances. She assured me that we could use the account.

    Well, maybe we can and maybe we can’t – but we won’t. We have two other accounts with them – one is in my name and one is from a major store who issued a bank card instead of a house account and they won’t be used either. A letter will be going to the CEO of the bank.

  17. Why send checks to pay bills? Online payment is immediate, doesn’t cost an envelope and a stamp, and takes only a few seconds (maybe a minute) to do. I can’t remember the last time I paid a bill with a check, except for our lawn maintenance/landscaper. I wish he’d get a PayPal account so I could just use that, but he’s better at landscaping than he is at computing ‘-)

  18. The Thursday package I mentioned above did not make it by the delivery date. It was in Maryland for a long time. It is now “out for delivery” and should arrive today.

  19. Good idea, Brian.

    For the curious but impatient:

    title="*refresh* Aww, still in Kalamazoo. *refresh* Aww, still in Kalamazoo." alt="Vaccine Tracker"

  20. Andréa – We don’t do anything financial online – don’t trust the security of same.

    When our bank first had computer banking – in the days of dial up modems – I would dial a special phone number for the bank and connect directly to their service – not through the Internet. When they moved the computer banking online, we dropped it. One of the platform people at the branch kept pushing us to switch to online banking and telling us how secure it was. The bank was hacked – but online the customer online accounts service was hacked – we were not affected as we did not have same – when next we saw the employee – he acknowledged that the service was not so secure. Similar situation with one of our insurance companies.

  21. “. . . don’t trust the security of same.”

    But you trust a check in the mail? I think I’ve seen a lot more fraud/stealing of mail than I have of hacking.

  22. The kicker is – the check actually arrived in time – on the due date. The due date was December 24 and it was not processed until Dec 28! The new statement was issued in the interim (makes one wonder why the payment was not processed due to holidays/weekend but the new statement was. The fees/interest were automatically credited back.

    I will still be writing a letter of complaint as they had payment by due date and still put us through this because they did not process it on Dec 24- which is technically not a holiday until night time! There was no apology even from anyone I spoke to, even if they were just going to say so to stop me from yelling at them.

    I have not had a problem with paying by check before not any fraud or stealing of same. We are also mailing deposits of checks that come in (such as EIC) for us, our business, and the 2 clubs of which I am treasurer and during all of this and had no problems (so far).

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