Saturday Morning Oys – November 28th, 2020

From Andréa.

Below from Anon:

Above from Andréa.

Mitch4 says: My turn to be stupid — I looked at this and thought “Okay, decent pun, taking pro-biotic as contrast to amateur-biotic. Hey, we could also imagine pro-biotic as trying to be opposite of anti-biotic, wouldn’t that be inventive? If only there were such a term … “


  1. from

    First Known Use of antibiotic
    Noun 1943, in the meaning defined above
    Adjective 1891, in the meaning defined at sense 1

    History and Etymology for antibiotic
    derivative of ANTIBIOTIC entry 2
    NOTE: Noun use of the adjective antibiotic probably began in the early 1940’s, preceded by the frequent collocation antibiotic substance, but was not common before Selman WAKSMAN’s paper “What Is an Antibiotic or an Antibiotic Substance?” (Mycologia, vol. 39, no. 5 [September-October, 1947]). Waksman has been credited with coining antibiotic, though he does not claim to have done so, and in fact gives an account of the earlier history of the word in this article.
    borrowed from French antibiotique, derivative of antibiose ANTIBIOSIS (after symbiose SYMBIOSIS : symbiotique SYMBIOTIC)

  2. from

    Examples of probiotic in a Sentence

    Recent Examples on the Web
    This is recommended to help your body adjust to a new probiotic.
    — Sian Babish,, “Seed Probiotics review: Can this shelf-stable probiotic subscription improve gut function?,” 7 Nov. 2020
    This probiotic is vegan and free of gluten, dairy, and preservatives.
    — Sian Babish,, “Seed Probiotics review: Can this shelf-stable probiotic subscription improve gut function?,” 7 Nov. 2020

    First Known Use of probiotic
    1974, in the meaning defined above

  3. I’m confused on the primates. Is it one comic that was submitted by both Andrea and Anon? Or do the panels make up 2 separate strips? And if so, what’s the joke in the first panel?

  4. Sorry if it went genuinely confusing. The above and below business was just a kidding callback to discussions of whether attributions (and other remarks within posts) could better be placed above or below the associated comic. Here the competing ideas were worked out for an item that was indeed sent in independently by two people.

    It’s unfortunate that the apparent opportunity for that jape came with a comic which was itself divided vertically. Arrg!

  5. It’s a panel strip divided in two, with the top part is the ape ordering the bananas, which then quickly arrive in the second, and a pun on “Amazon Prime”.

  6. Now that we’ve done antibiotic and probiotic, are there antinouns to go with pronouns? If your aunt puts antimacassars on the chairs, does your uncle put promacassars? Would you like some promatter to go with your antimatter? “I’ll give you a million dollars.” “Is that a promise?” “No, it’s an antimise. I’m not giving you anything.” Is promony near antimony in the periodic table? I’ll ask the chemistry antifessor, H.Lector who likes a nice Chipro with his fava beans.

  7. @ Mitch4 – “…for an item that was indeed sent in independently by two people…
    If somebody sends in a comic, but does not want to be named, I think you could just skip the attribution entirely, particularly when there is another credit-deserving candidate available to be named.

  8. “Perils of Modern Living” by Harold P. Furth:

    Well up above the tropostrata
    There is a region stark and stellar
    Where, on a streak of anti-matter
    Lived Dr. Edward Anti-Teller.
    Remote from Fusion's origin,
    He lived unguessed and unawares
    With all his antikith and kin,
    And kept macassars on his chairs.
    One morning, idling by the sea,
    He spied a tin of monstrous girth
    That bore three letters: A. E. C.
    Out stepped a visitor from Earth.
    Then, shouting gladly o'er the sands,
    Met two who in their alien ways
    Were like as lentils. Their right hands
    Clasped, and the rest was gamma rays.

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