Sunday Funnies – LOLs, November 15th, 2020

So it’s a Ha*Ha more than a LOL?

You can count on Horace for a technicality!

So wrong!

There are lots of comics about pandemic accommodations and inconveniences, some quite good and some not so much. This one struck our funny bone as charming and gentle. (Despite the swordplay!)

Good turnaround joke contributed by Anon.

Wait, are they confederates? Or is the pin guy just horning in?

Reconstituted turtles??


  1. I’m not sure I get the joke in the last one. Some kind of wordplay on dry=no freshwater and dry=dehydrated, with the implication that dehydrated stuff is cheaper (discount travel) than the real thing?

  2. I agree with Olivier. Though “Dry Tortugas” is just the name of a place. But the editors’ comment seems to confuse dehydrated and rehydrated.

  3. @DanaK: there are several Tortugas islands in the Carribean sea. Any island without freshwater is deemed ‘dry’.

  4. The idea is that you can buy a dried Tortuga, then reconstitute it when you want a vacation. To this Floridian, the “Dry Tortugas” are those islands in the Florida Keys that have no supply of fresh water except rain.

  5. The Stahler has the seed for a pretty good joke, but doesn’t seem to put the pieces together quite right. A commercial card with pre-written message would almost certainly say “Get Well” and not the needed “Get Better”. But the “Get Better” could have been somehow used as something this lady will write or has written, and then the rest of the dialogue could proceed mostly as done here.

  6. I admire the thinking-it-out that seems to help with the Overboard — the way the “Window 3 is open” sign (probably on Window 1 or 2?) has the number on what seems a detachable / replaceable extra bit of board.

  7. Carl Fink was saying: ” To this Floridian, the “Dry Tortugas” are those islands in the Florida Keys that have no supply of fresh water except rain.”

    Yes, it’s both a proper name and a descriptive phrase. Or to put it another way, their name is accurate.

    (And I do agree with his explanation and enjoy the joke.)

  8. And when he turned around and saw him, you knew there was going to be trouble…you could hear a pin drop!

  9. Balloons and pins remind me of one of the strangest animated cartoons ever made, Ib Iwerks’ “Balloon Land”. Everybody is a balloon, and the villain is Pincushion Man who goes around popping them with his … with part of a safety pin’s anatomy, let’s say.

  10. Wow, that was really something!
    I liked the “sound the alarm!” bit [remove their bottles and babies start wailing] and the trumpet “call to arms” [it’s a balloon man playing the instrument, so he starts to run out of air before long]

  11. @ Dana K – Sorry about the typo, that should have been “second the notion“; I was referring to his idea about the synchronicity (see 15 Nov, 7:32 am).

  12. @ Dana K – Now I have “Don’t Rock the Boat” as an “earworm”. Time to turn on a CD that will wipe that out.

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