1. Oh, okay. I was thinking it had to do with Janis growing tired of dealing with the trick-or-treaters at the door and deciding to “close down shop” early.

  2. Well, maybe she’s tired of Arlo dealing with the kids at the door. She wants him for a more adult activity. 😉

  3. I feel a little wistful each and every time that we are graced with one of Bill’s “advance” posts, because there’s no way to tell when another one might show up (or not, as the case will inevitably be at some point).
    P.S. Even if our Editors can look into the future and count them, I’d rather not know, at least not until the last CIDU Bill post has appeared. The uncertainty and surprise makes the reminder even more special.

  4. Olivier, are you thinking “If I say we’re out of candy, we’re out of candy. BUT, I can give you some sugar.”

  5. I have to say that I don’t agree with that. I doubt Arlo would be so unimpressed with the statement.

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