1. @ CaroZ – The classic method for teaching a puppy not to urinate/defecate inside the house is to (immediately!) rub its nose into the puddle/pile (as soon as it happens).

  2. Yes, it is NOT the way to housetrain a dog!! All you’ll do is make it nervous and afraid of you. (I never said it was funny when I submitted it; just synchronous with the previous one.)

  3. The bedwetting cure was LOL for me. I’ll leave out the personal story behind this but lets say this was not the most crazy thing my father tired and it’s been long enough now that I can laugh about it.

  4. And if you rub a dog’s nose in his poop, all you’re teaching him is to eat poop, since he has to lick his nose to get it clean.

    I thought the first one was quite funny.

  5. You pretty much have to be a historian to get the bedwetting one. It’s been a long time since people did it, and it’s been an even longer time since it has been seen in popular culture, if it ever was. This may be the first-ever pop culture reference.

    It’s like having a Doctor Jekyll / Mr. Hyde joke centering around an “earth closet.”

    In case you’re wondering, before plumbing made water closets possible, buckets of dirt were used for earth closets.

  6. I thought the first one was funny too. We used to have a Boston Terrier (female) who would do a handstand and walk her back legs up a tree to gain some height.

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