1. Maybe because James Bond is famously known for “thwarting” Soviet female agents through his bedroom antics?

    Speaking of thwarting, in the web comic Evil Inc., which is about the goings on of superheros and villians, “thwarting” is a euphamism for “bedding” an enemy.

  2. Previous comics show that he is in a dream sequence. He’s not wearing pants in an earlier version either. Standard caught in a situation with no pants on dream trope.

  3. I’m not used to “kibosh” as a verb, much more familiar as a noun in the fixed expression “put the kibosh on [something]” . And I’m still getting used to the pronunciation with long I in the first syllable.

    Folly, thanks for the explanation about it being a dream. Not knowing that, I did at least suspect that “Bong” would signal some altered state of consciousness.

  4. The other thing that I noticed is that James Bond is, of course, British. And in Britain, “pants” means what we in the U.S. would call underpants.

  5. @ Arthur – Since Mike Lester is from Georgia, I doubt that he would depend on readers making that connection.

  6. Dream sequence or not, how do those words relate to him not wearing pants? From the way this is presented, it seems like the shorter guy is saying that it would not be surprising to find people who use words like this to be half nude. Or that the acts of thwarting, impeding, snookering and kiboshing are commonly performed without pants.

    However, I think Olivier may be on to something and the joke is meant to be on the shorter guy. He’s too dumb to know what those words mean and so attaches an Arlo connotation to them, har, har, but that’s the best I’ve got too.

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