1. I think it’s probably just that Bill had reserves of CIDUs in his e-mail that the new editors no longer have access to. Also, Bill had experience that the new editors lack, in generating his own content without submissions.

  2. It’s true that CIDUBill seemed to read every comic available; apart from him, who reads Pardon my planet, Pop culture shock therapy or Close to home? I can try and tackle those, or others, if you want.

  3. I read Pardon but I [almost] never find it a CIDU. Annoying, perhaps. Dumb at times. Bur seldom incomprehensible.

  4. In the past, when I’d send something to Bill I would not receive any acknowledgement. None of mine were ever chosen, although some were under someone else’s name. It always left me somewhat uncertain as to whether the submissions were received. I suggest a brief reply if it’s not too much trouble.

  5. I read Pop culture shock therapy. It’s only rarely a CIDU for me.

    And on this cite it usually has tags other than CIDU.

  6. Don’t you just hate seeing the error just as you hit enter? Then you wonder whether it’s better to let it be or make another full post to show that, yes, you do know the difference.

    Like you, I tend to correct myself rather than leaving my mistakes for all to see for the indefinite future.

    (And, of course, an Internet law, and karma, suggest there’s a mistake somewhere in this post that I’ve missed.)

  7. When this happened before Bill would helpfully correct the original post, and delete the second.

    Of course, if the current editors did so, your post would be confusing.

  8. @Brian, I don’t know if it was because I was a follower since the early days, but Bill almost always responded to my emails when I sent in a submission. Mine weren’t always chosen to be on the page, but now I’m also wondering if he actually received yours.

  9. I only follow two comics regularly: Dark Side Of The Horse and XKCD.

    I find DSOTH easy enough to understand and enjoy, and XKCD has its explainer website and Reddit sub to explain and discuss the highly technical comics I don’t often understand.

    So the bulk of the comics I read are on this very site. I did submit a song or two when we did the music thing a few months back. That suddenly feels so long ago now…

  10. I sent one in, so whoever has access to that email can tell me if one was sent for Sunday’s BC.

  11. @ Olivier – There are many things that I am willing to do in rememberance of CIDU Bill, and to uphold some of his cherished traditions, but asking anyone to weed through low-quality comics just to replenish the CIDU queue reserves would clearly be above and beyond the call of duty. If we all chip in with contributions from the good comics that we normally follow, that should be enough.

  12. The problem for me is not quality, it’s more culture: being French, there’s a lot of stuff, obvious to American people, I don’t understand. Especially with Pop culture shock therapy. Google solves most of it but that’s tiresome. That’s why I visited CIDU at first: it’s a shortcut to American cultural facts.
    I think that sometimes, CIDU Bill played dumb in order to spark an interesting discussion; I don’t know how to do that (spark an interesting discussion, not play dumb).

  13. Oliviet – I agree, it would be great to send in CIDUs, but reading comics that you don’t enjoy doesn’t seem the way to do it. 🙂

    Actually, there are certain comics that really just don’t resonate for me, and I could probably claim 1 out of 2 of them as CIDUs; but it’s really just because the comic philosophy for some reason don’t work for me, and the posts would just be tiresome for those who liked them.

  14. I remember Bill Watterson grousing about the golfing comics that used to occur rather frequently (in B.C. and elsewhere). His point was that comics should be written so that everyone could get them, and not just people who have the same hobby as the cartoonist. In Watterson’s case, the hobby was “cycling”; he wrote that he tried to make sure that the point of the joke was independent of the fact that Calvin’s dad was riding a bicycle. In my case, my dad is a dedicated golfer, so I never had a problem understanding the golfing jokes in B.C. (I actually thought they were usually quite good.)

  15. WW, thanks for the comic. But it needn’t be as much as 20 minutes, merely a few ohno seconds:

    ‘ohno second
    The split second between hitting the “send” button on the computer to send an email, and realizing that there is a serious problem with the email’

  16. I’ve never played golf in my life, but the basics are obvious enough. Hit the ball with various clubs. Try to get it into the little hole. The one who does so in the fewest strokes wins. This knowledge is enough that I understand most of the golf jokes in B.C.

    Here’s two recent B.C. golf jokes.

    Just a fourth wall gag. The ball bounces off the sides of the panel.


    Golf is both frustrating and addictive. I’ve had pastimes that affected me in a similar way. I can rfelate.

    Only rarely does a joke require knowing the difference between a mashie and a niblick.

  17. I don’t play golf and don’t really like it. So why do I follow a YouTube channel featuring a young couple in Florida that buys clubs at thrift stores and yard sales, then tries them out on the course?

  18. You can wait 20 seconds or 20 minutes or 20 hours and you still won’t notice the error until it’s too late.

  19. @ Pete – The strip that I was thinking of when I wrote that comment above played upon a “cleek”. If you didn’t know that was an actual name of a club, it didn’t work as well.

    P.S. Both of those strips that you linked to will probably appear “inline” if you leave off the heiroglyphics after “.jpg”:

  20. @Kilby 2:57 AM . Verrry in-ter-esting. The setting is actually 4, not 2. But looking at it from one of the back end views, your 2 links appear to be treated as 4. So the link-limit setting was indeed why your 2:56AM comment went into Pending.

  21. @ Mitch4 – Since I have no control over the way that WordPress turns an inline image into a paired set of links, would you be willing to up that setting to 5? That would let dual images in a comment go through, but set a barrier against three or more, which seems reasonable.

  22. I don’t know why I was already thinking about that, but automatically jumped to 6, though no fnctional difference! Sunglasses 😎

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