A couple of things

  1. Because the new set-up makes certain functions more difficult — or at least it will until I figure out some shortcuts — I’m going to be slower than usual dealing with comics you send me. And there will be triage:

    CIDUs, I’ll get to immediately. On the end of the scale, we should probably put a moratorium on Synchronicity submissions. Unless they’re really, really good. In fact, it would be a good idea to include “really, really good” to the subject line. I’m not kidding.
  2. A reminder that if you’re about to post a comment that says nothing but “I hate this comic strip”…

    Please don’t. It’s right there in the FAQ, after all.


  1. Two follow-ups:

    1. In fact, the “No trashing comic strips or artists is not in the FAQ: it was, but I think it disappeared when I rewrote it after Comicgeddon.

    It’s still a rule, though.

    2. The first two times I tried to upload this post, I got a message telling me I wasn’t authorized to. Yeah, guys, I kinda am.

    Probably just a fluke, but I see everything as an ominous sign lately.

  2. The first bullet point in the FAQ includes ‘Comments such as “I hate this comic strip and its artist should never be allowed to work in this business again” are not productive.’ You’re right that it doesn’t quite say not to do it, but I think it’s strongly implied.

  3. “Not productive” is just a nice way of saying “don’t do it.”

    Man, it must be late: I didn’t see it there, and it’s the very first bullet point.

  4. @ CIDU Bill – Pardon my commentary in the other thread.
    Are there any circumstances in which we are permitted to criticize the quality of a comic strip?

  5. While we wait for Bill’s official word, I will opine:

    I don’t think there’s any problem in actually criticizing comics. Saying, for instance, “The artwork is so bad, I’d never have known what’s going on if the other commenters here hadn’t figured it out for me,” or “His work is always too absurdist for my tastes” are quite critical, yet neither merely bashes the artist nor his work. The first is a reasonably objective complaint, and the second is specifically stated as how it affects you. I see a big difference between, “This strip is never funny” vs. “I have never yet found this strip to be funny”. They actually say the same thing, but the first seems to be about the strip, while the second is obviously about how it strikes you.

    Even the most detested comics have loyal readers, or they wouldn’t exist. We might never understand why those readers like them, but they do.

    Some author mentioned about fiction that the story doesn’t stand alone. Each reader reads it differently based on their experiences and finds that it’s a slightly different story than do other readers. And even if you find meaning the author didn’t intend, it’s valid.

    So, if you find lack of meaning, or lack of humor, that’s valid, but it may just be that it’s not written for you.

  6. It took me a while to find this, but I try to keep its message in mind:

    And, on its page, it has hover text of, “Go read Sigmund Freud’s ‘The Interpretation of Dreams’. It won’t teach you anything about dreams, but it will teach you a lot about Freud.”

  7. @ Shrug – I’ve seen that one before, but I didn’t realize (until now) that it was published before I was born (14-Aug-1960).
    P.S. I thought it would be worth sacrificing the color to be able to see the title panels and skip the mercenary linking middleman:

  8. I noticed on the PMP thread that apparently “Brian” had a post deleted. I don’t think that was me, but if it was someone will need to remind me what I said so I can avoid problems in the future. If it was one of the other couple guys with similar IDs, then never mind.

  9. I didn’t see the original “Brian”-whoever post, but since nobody else has replied to this, my impression from context was that the post was deleted under the “don’t submit a post saying nothing other than that you hate a specific comic and/or its creator and want terrible things to happen to it/them” house rule.

  10. @ Shrug – That’s putting it a little harsh, but it’s a correct appraisal. My reply to the comment was also deleted, because it could be viewed as echoing the sentiment.

  11. That’s why I was asking. I don’t recall doing that. So if it was something else I’d want to know. The problem is that there are two others with similar IDs, which is why I added “in STL” a while back.

  12. I did some research using larK’s index into CIDU. The now-missing comment was apparently not from “Brian in STL”, but a different Brian.

  13. Sorry to hear of his passing.

    Am I the only one who’s first thought was, ‘Is that the Other Bill Bickel?’

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