1. The people in Pardon My Planet live a futile existence where there’s no point in trying to live an examined life or being excellent to oneself because they’ll just look like idiots for have aspirations in the first place. But that is fine with them because the world’s too shallow for them to recognize the difference between complacency and depth. It’s funny because they are miserable. But we can laugh with them because they don’t know they are miserable which gives them a slight advantage over us. It’s a laugh riot.

  2. @ Andréa – If he had appeared in a “Road Runner” cartoon, I think he would have been subtitled as “Dweebicus Americanicus”, although that wouldn’t help a lot here, since it would apply to a very large percentage of the characters in this feature.

  3. Presumably he thought he was being the adventurous type and it turned out he crossed the line to complete weirdo. The strangest part is volunteering this information to someone in a bar.

  4. He is a weirdo (blue jacket, black shirt and red polka-dot tie!?) but tries to tone it down for dates so he can claim “adventurous”.

  5. @ Andréa – My aversion doesn’t run as deep as yours, but I agree: I would never bother to read “PMP” if it didn’t keep showing up here.

  6. Tying yourself to your office chair, putting on your favorite cement galoshes and going swimming in the Okefenokee swamp is right on the fine line between being the adventurous type and being a complete weirdo.

  7. @ MiB – The expression on her face seems to indicate that she would much rather see him try that, rather than have him hitting on her.

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