1. Strike one: it’s execution humor.
    Strike two: the whole point of cement overshoes is to dispose of the body so it cannot be found. Even if the police did find him, his remains would hardly be in shape for an “open casket” ceremony.
    Strike three: We just suffered through a guessing game about a “Pardon my Planet” strip that was relatively devoid of humor. Do we have to go through this again so soon?

  2. Once you get through reading the speech bubble, you discover that the way he died isn’t what one does as a hobby, but rather something forced on people by the mafia.

    The pastor didn’t realize this, so he worked that into a “He died doing what he loved best” eulogy.

  3. Oh… J-L’s and Mithch4’s explanations would actually be funny. If somehow there where more visual and soundtrack cues to let us in on the joke.

    I had just assumed the joke was Bob had hobbies that would obviously kill him. I though it was like a Steve Irwin joke– he died doing what he loved– provoking unpredictable and deadly animals.

  4. Pardon My Repetition.

    Normally I don’t post two of the same comic in a row — but these two had been queued up at different times and when I noticed last night, I weighed the “no repeats” rule against the fact that switching dates is now a bit of a PITA, and I was in the middle of two other things, and decided the world would go on.

  5. Woozy, I like how someone put it quite a while back: “The Crocodile Hunter” gained worldwide fame for his television series featuring death-defying encounters with dangerous animals, none of whom caused his untimely demise.

  6. @ Bill – I know I really shouldn’t complain. It was certainly only because of your careful adherence to the principle of alternation that the repetition was so noticeable, and that wasn’t really the fundamental issue anyway. As noted elsewhere, I generally find PMP not worth the trouble.

  7. I’m with J-L and Mitch4, although my first thought was that the clergyman was in on the hit. Anyway I chuckled.

  8. Okay, I find this a very rare actually funny PMP comic. He was the victim of an obvious mob hit. The pastor is… not treating it as such. To me, that’s funny.

  9. I read this as a satire or comment on those that enjoy extreme sports. Some people view skydiving or mountain climbing as high risk and those that do them are being just as ignorant of the dangers as someone that decides his idea of excitement is tying himself to an office chair, putting on cement shoes and going swimming. A casual observer realizes how dangerous (and stupid) swimming with cement shoes would be. Saying someone died “doing something they loved” doesn’t really excuse the shortsightedness of doing that activity.

  10. I’d think it would be difficult for Bob to have survived trying out this “sport he loved best” long enough to know if he actually liked it at all or not. So this was probably his first actual experience with the concrete galoshes, and it was more a matter of the experience just being on his bucket list. (Or on his “two buckets list” — one for each foot.)

  11. If the pastor/preacher had said, “He died doing the thing he loved; riding an airplane up to 11,000′ and jumping out” he wouldn’t have been able to do that twice. Unless you add in he took precautions like learning to use a parachute. Maybe Bob usually had a life preserver that somehow failed or the water was usually calm or shallow, allowing him to keep his head above water.

    This still looks like a joke ridiculing people who do extreme sports and then saying it was okay they died because they died doing something they loved.

  12. @ TedD – “…it was okay… because they died doing something(*) they loved.
    Like the guy who said that he wanted to die in bed at age 90… shot by an enraged husband.”
    P.S. (*) – Or in this case, “someone“.

  13. Kilby, I want to die peacefully in my sleep like my grandfather, not screaming in terror like his passengers…

    But as for the comic, it is clearly a mob hit and I think J-L has the joke. The open casket with an intact corpse is probably just the result of the cartoonist not properly thinking through what a body would look like after such a hit. Such an oversight is not unexpected from PMP.

  14. Right, the feet-in-concrete cannot be anything other than a mob hit – in our context of the “real story”.

    There may still be room for variation in why the eulogist is not saying that. Genuine naive misunderstanding, intimidation, complicity, extreme eccentricity (if he really believes one of those “extreme sports” theories). But I see no basis for choosing among those.

  15. My uncle told me that if he could pick how and when he would die, he would choose to die in bed, shot at the moment of climax by the jealous husband of his mistress.

  16. P.S. For the record, I would like everyone to know that I have never met MiB’s uncle: I was paraphrasing a statement made by my father.

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